Forza Horizon 4’s Koenigsegg CCX has arrived! It’s the car that defeated The Stig on Top Gear and today we’re doing some FH4 Customization to make it even faster! If you enjoyed this video subscribe for more Forza Horizon 4 Gameplay, Customization, Let’s Play and more! (More)

Hi there, today I will show you how to build/restore/Customize a nice tiny Bugatti Chiron Model car. (More)

Hello everyone and welcome back to the series of Forza drag races and in today’s video. We’re gonna be testing out the extreme quick, fierce and non-merciful accelerating Renault F1 car up against the top fastest cars in the game and in the world as well to see how fast is the Renault F1 compared to the hyper/mega cars. Lets find out! (More)

Torque converters use a simple idea to solve a complicated problem. This Science Garage goes over how a torque converter keeps your car from stalling, and how it can actually increase the torque coming from your engine. (More)

All New 2020 SSC Tuatara is here!
SSC Tuatara! (More)

The first ever video covering driving impressions of the Bugatti Chiron is here! (More)

I came to Los Angeles for a short stay before my trip to Tokyo and wasnt expecting to see the king of Qatar driving around in his Bugatti Chiron and his Porsche 918. Then after everything we got to see the first pagani huayra roadster in the united states! What a way to spend one afternoon in LA! (More)

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Watch my AMG Project ONE Journey so far, see the F1 hypercar on track, watch an exclusive interview with Lewis Hamilton talking about his Project ONE specification, and see the AMG GT Black Series track run. (More)

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Today we take a look at the Mercedes section of my garage…and that includes a restart of my SL55 AMG project, that I put on the back burner 2 years ago. I’m super excited to get this going in a big way!
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My first sighting of the brand new corvette zr1. A little bit of acceleration, but the cop stationed at the show made him step off. Nice sounding zo6 , i think with B&B exhausts. and a nice stingray convertible. (More)

Продажа автомобилей BENTLEY CONTINENTAL GT 2018 на AUTO.RU: (More)

For 2019 we’re changing things up. Why watch one hot lap when you can see two at once!? Jaguar decided to go a little nuts and build a 600hp, track-focused, crazy expensive, sedan with the single purpose of setting great lap times. In fact, Randy Pobst set the production sedan lap record around Laguna Seca in a preproduction Project 8. This time out, Pobst’s got a healthier, full-production 2019 spec car and he should go quicker. Bad news for Jaguar, AMG built an even more powerful (and expensive) four-door sports car, the 2019 GT 63 S. Which super sedan will turn the quickest lap? Watch and find out! #BestDriversCar #Jaguar #MercedesAMG (More)

For 2019 we’re changing things up. Why watch one hot lap when you can see two at once!?! Spoiler alert: The 2019 McLaren Senna is a nearly $1 million, nearly 800hp hypercar that will crush almost anything on any racetrack anywhere in the world. That said, the 2019 Aston Martin DBS Superleggera makes 715 hp and is pretty dang sporty for a big GT. Yeah, we know we’re not fooling anyone—the Senna is going to win. The question then becomes, win by how much? Watch and find out! #BestDriversCar #AstonMartin #McLaren (More)

Hellcat Charger and 2019 Hellcat Challenger vs 2019 ZL1 Camaro and vs Shelby GT500 – drag racing (More)

I literally can’t believe how much noise gets made when I turn the mic on. (More)

The Ford GT-40 is a TIMELESS piece of automotive excellence that you really don’t get to see all that often, especially ripping down an airstrip! This BEAUTIFUL display of aero and design really caught our attention as soon as it rolled off the trailer. We we’re glad to see it pull out to the starting line to stretch its legs down the airstrip of Rantoul Aviation Center for Omega Motorsport’s NoFlyZone Midwest!
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Der kleine Amanuel hat aufgrund einer Meningokokken-Infektion mit 21 Monaten beide Unterschenkel verloren und musste deshalb schon viel zurückstecken. Was er nicht ahnt: Heute erwartet ihn eine riesen Überraschung vor dem Krankenhaus von Hamid und zwar sein Traumauto der Lamborghini Aventador S. (More)

0 à 275 km/h sur la base de Clastres (France) – sur chaussée détrempée – Option Auto n°171 – Porsche 9ff GT9 – (More)

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On Today’s Episode of the RPM Web Series, we head to Cecil County Raceway for some Zr1 on Zr1 drag racing! We also head to Mexico to race an almost 1,200whp GTR. (More) Audi R8 V10 vs Chevrolet Corvette Z06 x 3 races (More)

More about the Bentley on here: (More)

Hey guys, In this video I’ve shown you some of the Most expensive Car Crash tests filmed. Enjoy 🙂 (More)

The Tesla Roadster is billed as The quickest car in the world, with record-setting acceleration, range and performance this all electric vehicle is entering serious hypercar territory. The disclosed specs are impressive, and the design blends aerodynamic efficiency with smooth flowing lines in a way that excites that primal instinct in all car enthusiasts. At a retail price of $200,000, this high tech marvel is a great value, if you have 200 grand lying around to blow on a sports car. (More)

friends I already uploaded the video without accelerated scenes, you can already tell the difference that the acceleration of the video does not only show that without accelerating some minor scenes it lasts longer than the video, you can see the original video alfi al of this video that you are watching now
* this is the video without any acceleration👇 (More)

In this video I take you on an in-depth exterior and interior tour of this 2019 Koenigsegg Jesko, that was on display at Supervettura. (More)

We get behind the wheel of the Koenigsegg Agera R in Ängelholm, Sweden on the latest episode of Car and Driver: Abroad. It’s fast—blisteringly fast. (More)

Real turbokit for Aventador SV is alive ! (More)

During Supercarsunday at the TT Circuit in Assen (The Netherlands) there was a drag race organized in which 20+ supercars and sportscars participated. In this video you can see most of the participating cars going head to head to see which one is the fastest. The Aventador SVJ eventually won the drag race. (More)

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Enjoy this CSR Racing 2 video showcasing the Zenvo TS1 GT from the CSR 2 legendary golden cup tuning challenge in csr 2
In this video we will take a MAX out Zenvo TS1 GT and try to tune it and win 3 races in live races!
Enjoy (More)

This is episode 2 in our 3 part series at Barry Meguiar’s home in Southern California on his new Ford GT. Today we discuss the steps Kevin Brown uses when he encounters black finicky paint. He has 3 tips to manage the residue and avoid chasing your tail. This is a game changer for anyone who has ever buffed paint and has not achieved the results they desired. This will get you closer to perfect paint than any other techniques. Big thank you to Kevin Brown for spending an afternoon with me. -Larry (More)