1070HP Porsche 9ff 997 Turbo VS 1500HP Nissan GTR – DRAG RACE!

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This video features a 1070HP Porsche 9ff 997 GTronic (based on the Porsche 997 Turbo) doing an epic drag race against the 1500HP Nissan GTR!

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silkonethousand says:

How come a GTR always has to have more horsepower than the car it's racing to win. A stock GTR can't beat a stock turbo S ever. But these BS video make you think that a GTR can beat a Porsche. A GTR CAN'T BEAT A PORSCHE TURBO S. A GTR CAN'T BEAT A PORSCHE WITH THE SAME HORSEPOWER STOCK.

Manuel Jesus Muñoz Carrasco says:

Gtr 🇯🇵👊

Josh Rinlee says:

Something happened with 9ff.. Didnt go or had issues??

John Savin says:

Ha ha ha…. Advantage more 400+ hp lol, Porsche the Best!

Dev Tan says:

I’m lost lol what a stupid way to call a race.

Nadsenec says:

porsche fanboys pls dont cry 😉 …gtr have +300kg this smal ugly vw bettle 997 this same than all porsche 😀 …gtr this 1500hp life engine than porsche 1070hp

Matthew Stephens says:

That's no 9ff there only 20 in the world

Tubbehh T says:

God GTRS are ugly as fuck.

AnimeXsenpai says:

vossen rim right? look so ugly to use in gtr

Sa Sa says:

love u gtr 😁

RDAbeewolf says:

Aww..poor beetle got smoked hard ahahaa…

CtRacerX says:

Definitely not a 9ff…

Day Night says:

hahahha king porsche kiss my ass ugly bettle 😀 ??? all funboys cry porsche 😀 …
gtr is gtr !


The beatle get fucked neexxtt!!

THE king says:

that was stupid race i even seen

AntiLag BoostAddiction says:

even if he dumped another 50k into that gtr it still wouldn't be anywhere near 1500hp lmfao

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