+12000BHP Top Speed Race Venom GT, Chiron, One:1, Regera, Zenvo ST1, Agera, 2000bhp UGR gallardo…

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A short race around NARDO with some hypercars.

Bugatti Chiron, Koenigsegg Regera, One:1, Agera, Hennessey Venom gt, Zenvo ST1, 1500bhp Nissan GTR, 2000bhp UGR TT Gallardo, SSC ultimate aero tt.

twitter: https://twitter.com/Unknown_Siseneg
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/unknown_siseneg/


Сухроб Усманов says:


Lol Hi says:

And the UGR 3500 HP could beat Chiron at highspeed as well

Joshua Lontoc says:

What game is this

Jorge C Padilha says:

bugatti vision vs bugatti chiron vs one:1 vs venom gt

Erik Britz says:

Real race wouldve been a lil different here is the order and why i say so

1.)UGR Gallardo-280-300mph these cars have run 244mph in a half mile(802 meters) and that's not close to top end
2.)1500hp Gtr-260-275mph theres a 1500hp gtr that ran 255mph in the mile with only 1500hp and a boost leak
3.)Bugatti Chiron-260-275mph
4.)Koenigsegg One:1-266-273mph close asf with the chiron
5.)Hennessey venom gt 260-271mph car struggled to go faster in real life so yeah
6.)Ssc Ultimate Aero TT-245-253mph
7.)Koenigsegg Agera-235-241mph
8.)Zenvo 230mph

Ayaz Farooqi says:

Which game is this ?

Navy Polic says:

gtr numberone japancar


12000 bhp?wow

Boykillerreddwance123 says:

Koenigsegg one:1😍😍😍

Clifford Jones says:

Hennessey venom GT. Two turbo V10 viper engine 277 mph + that's a fact the driver got scared to go any faster he said it would go faster than 277 mph that's a fact the venom GT was in my mopar magazine

Ikan De Leon says:

I then noticed that it's a game..

Game Life says:

Games name?

Harshil Betchoo says:

Same cars but in Indiana polis track

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