1250HP Zenvo ST1 LOUD Start Ups and Sound!

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I had the rare opportunity to film two Zenvo ST1 during a test day at Monza racetrack.
This car is a Danish-made, 1250hp supercar that goes 0-60mph in 2.9 seconds and has a top speed of 233mph. It has a 7.0 liter turbocharged and supercharged V8 engine that sports 1450nm of torque with rear-wheel drive!
In this video video you can hear it starting up, accelerating and some other “sound” scenes!

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Naji Cooke says:

This should be the batmobile!! 😍

OurHungerForAdventure says:

How you gonna baby that car?!!??! Rip the shit outta those gears!

0verk1ll says:

God that sounds awesome, finally not some high pitch, ear devastation. Its pure MUSCLE AND I LOVE IT

Sam O'Nella University says:

It sounds glorious. Not like a Ferrari or Lamborghini.

TheRyan13579 says:

If this car could talk shit……. it would

Rahul 777 says:

Top gear ruined this car's reputation

Tha_Real_ Gangsta4x says:

Twin turbo and supercharger 😱😱😱

megaRa George says:

just heard of ZENVO for the first time through the mobile game CSR2. found this video and have to say I am disappointed. well, what U expect from a car made in Denmark? nothing specific, it's maybe the first one ever. but common, does the engine collapse if you would rev it up?!? that is a really POOR presentation. also it is reported that is is limited to 3 cars, each 1.8mio$. I see a blue and a green one in other videos on utube plus the black and a white one in this video… wait a minute… OMG, not professional at all.

Bootsy Bootsy says:

Who ever is driving that needs to learn how to put his foot down

Renan dos Santos Diniz says:

From Forza Motorsport 5
nice car

Baştıray Yıltürk says:

70 model charger givi çalışıyor

GY says:

Did it catch fire though ?

D3Levichev says:

Why you saying sound is garbage
The guy in car is going slowly and it's bit annoying

P.S is just Fucking V8 sound

Singapore Response says:

Ariel's car when her current Cadillac car is destroyed

Michael Nelson says:

Is it diesel?

15DudeAwesome says:

People need to realize that not EVERY supercar needs to sound like a formula 1 car. It's a V8 so it is gonna sound different. To me it reminds me of a Chevy small block, which sounds very nice.

NinjaMasterZer0 says:

Sounds like a monster of a car.

Michael caplinger says:

Why does it start like my old truck

про100Лёха says:

на старте на ЗИЛок походит

Lucas Gatley says:

Why is he driving it like a frickin Geo?! I've seen the dead move faster!

peter drake says:

Sorry, can't find anything to fault with the car or the video. Folk can have an opinion but it sounds gnarly and mean, if you think otherwise that's fine but don't call it a shit car. Think about it when you drive your 1.2 litre Corsa home with its silly fart can…..

Mikequfv says:

Sounds like a motorcycle at 1:301:38

Aleš Kocbek says:

I looks good and I bet it's a blast to drive. Its tendency to catch fire is what worries me.

cyberfennek says:

perfect look of car for the Super villain in a movie 🙂

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