1400HP Porsche 9ff GTronic vs 9ff GTTurbo vs 1200HP Nissan R35 GT-R

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This video features a 1400HP Porsche 9ff GTronic drag racing against a 9ff GTTurbo and a 1200HP Nissan GT-R (R35). The top speed of this 9ff GTronic was the fastest car that day with 311.04 km/h on a 1km long track and a Rolling 50 km/h start. The 9ff GTronic is rolling on 20″ Cinel Forged Wheels type C11-L CL.

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Raimund Dostal says:

p-ff fuy-fuy.!!!!

Porsche 2509 says:

Porsche power!!!!

Connexity says:

So they modified a 997 Turbo…Dang..

Robert Keuls says:

Worlds worst head to head film. Dont show nothing. Avoid…

Cr55zy says:

The 9FF turbo is my favorite sounding car… wow..love it.. freaky almost

RS 390 says:

these 9ff 911s sound even more gruff and coarse than a GT-R when cold

Derek Logan says:

Why were they going slow off the line? Sounds like a two stroke when idling. They need a better voice for that thing.

Bas bzb says:

are those vissable screamer pipes under the car at @0:19

JC B says:

The 911 Porsche is my all time favorite car on the Planet!!! Yes I have a few specific ones but I love them all!

TypeTuber says:

The auto 9ff's always sound like they're eating the transmission clutches

Tintsch says:

Wrong Cam Man Position…. It make no sense.

Gaphalor says:

porsche are the coolest

Day Night says:

911 bettle have 1400hp 😀 …omfg …this enxine boxer is not for this power 😀 …total bad 😀 ..this bettle explosion…gtr best car on the world …engine for 2100hp !!! this is power ! a not shit bettle …ugly brr bad a more cost for shit car ..only stupit buy this shit car….GTR is big car for 4 peoples …this bettle is total small a 1400hp not very fast on gtr 😉 …GTR IS TOP CAR ON THE WORLD !

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