1500HP Koenigsegg Regera FLAT-OUT Accelerations on an Empty Runway | Twin Turbo V8 Sounds

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● Watch and listen to the Koenigsegg Regera Hypercar unleash its 1500HP 5.0 liter twin turbo V8 engine masterpiece on an airstrip at Ambri during the 2019 Supercar Owners Circle weekend in Switzerland.

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Kirk Watson says:

Wait'll Tesla show who's BOSS

Charles Foster says:

Jay Leno has such a huge investment in his car collection that it makes me wonder if he can afford one of these if he wanted one.

The Gee-tah Guy says:

Is Conan Segg O'brien christian?

John Dumelo says:

I would love to drive one of those cars down 71 North in Columbus Ohio at 3:am

Mirek Wojtek says:

Ford GT 5,0 V8 , 1700 KM 😁😁😁

BeeRich33 says:

What is that at 3:06, closest lane?

All The World Is A Stage says:

2012 civic or I’m not interested.

Cameron Ferguson says:

It has a direct drive system

Sophia C says:

Now show it losing to the 2000hp WRX

Sibusiso Maboya says:

Almost made the earth spin backwards as it was taking off

bait clicker says:

Clip is exactly what the description says.

Erik Haun says:

It sounds awful weak LOL


On ne voit jamais la vidéo depuis la ligne d'arrivée, … ce qui serait nettement plus intéressant !

White Cat says:

what a noisy toy. it farts, can it also explode or something?

Das wiehernde Pferd says:

Hät de Lozärner wider zviu gäud! 😂🇨🇭

wild smooth says:

My Tesla would smoke that car.

Daniel Brooker says:

Shift god damnit, SHIFT!!!

Lori Lanili says:

Race track set in beautiful countryside.

RobbieJeiter says:

I still do not understand what happened through the head of Christian when designing those tires… They are scary, even while they spin they are ugly
….the rest a work of art.

Ronnie says:

Switzerland… where else

DeAndre Brooks says:

Wheres the gtr sissy boys at

Gully Bull says:

Does this Vehicle fly ?

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