1500HP Koenigsegg Regera in Andermatt – EXHAUST SOUND!

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Laureano Arantes Netto says:

parece que tinha um verde então e o melhor mesmo porque vermelho só Ferrari mais o carro e muito bom


Wow I love it one of dreams car I wish I make it my own car


The curves
The Lines
That sound

Fazil Elfariz says:

My brother's wedding took place like this: a lot of such cars.

Lo La says:

Warum steigen daeigentlich immer Wasserstoff Blondinen aus?

Green Leaf says:

Essa verdinha é de maís

Rzeberdorlysz NumberOne says:

Koenigsegg Regera ma podobny kształtem tył jak Jaguar XJ 220

Thomo_1305 says:

2cv bad ass

Sir Robert The Bruce says:

It looks like the damn batmobile😁

anjay pogi says:


Tamás Dukai says:

I love ferrari

Alexander Bachmann says:

Such a noise 😱
I'm really happy to drive Tesla …. !!

Todd Toure says:

Quiet in comparison. I like this Car. She's Sleek

Axel Filo says:

1500 hp ………… for wath?

rodrigo mansilla says:

El color de mierda

John Baltimore says:

Even super mega cars breaks squeak….

thekeyboard warrior says:

parade of dumb cars.

Simon Gamer says:


Fahan Asfahani says:

Yg aus…. yg aus

辻栄一郎 says:


vice vice says:

Ugly cars worst then a box 🤣


My phone is literally vibrating

mdoceramic mdoceramic says:

Wheels not carbon , pathetic poor noob 😂

Kalyan Krishnan says:

It's one of the costilest cars in the world in india nobody owns it.its not that india cannot afford it but we don't have the resources to get it here. It can make a hole in the pocket even to celebrity and industrialist.its a white elephant.
Fortunately the cars brand name is the owners name. He struggled for many years to get this monster beast.

Jishnu Sukumar says:

Ass sniffers with camera

Matthew Chandler says:

Come on, more engine revs at a funeral

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