2000HP Porsche 9ff 911 GT2 Turbo Acceleration 0-350 km/h Extreme Fast

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Salvatore 9ff Porsche 911 Turbo S in Action. Extreme fast Half Mile Acceleration with a top speed of 348km/h. This is the fastest car on the Half Mile event at the LAUSITZRING. Hello and welcome to the Car Acceleration TV channel.

Extreme fast acceleration 100-200 in 2.6s. It´s a rocket! 9ff’s fastest and road-legal vehicle to date is a Porsche 997 GT2 Turbo providing 2000HP of system power. Just listen to the insane sounds of this Porsche 911 997 GT2 tuned by 9ff being unleashed during the TTT Half Mile Test & Tune / L8 Night event at the Lausitzring. This beast is able to produce 2000 horsepower and the top speed was 347,22 km/h!

Salvatore 9ff Porsche did a great job with his Monster !!! Gratulation!

Enjoy fast onboard acceleration and insane sound…




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Mahdi Megh says:

Stage 5 ?☹☹🥵

David D says:

Yeah right 2000hp more like 200hp

Robin says:

My a1 can almost beat that thing to 0-100! the rest I dont want to talk about 🙁

Anton Cvetkov says:

it reaches 100-150 faster than 0-50 …..


I dont think that tape will hold the lights in at those speeds. Use super glue or something lol…..

Kit Snow says:

Tesla Model 3P owner here. Is this video supposed to be impressive?

Emir Zeynel says:

0 to Jail in 3 seconds

Cast Media says:

🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹 ITALIA 🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫


Magnificent Acceleration..true Beast in performance

Night Shifter says:

0-100 😩
100-200 😱

Tomasz N says:

2000 hp – to jakieś jaja

Nick Broekman says:

This used to be so cool. Now it really doesn’t stand out anymore, all thise HP I mean. Considering a ‘boring’ electric car costing far less will leave it in the dust. Or am I mistaken and is this actually faster than that?

GotGoldGT says:

1:51 Computer: aight I’m out

Mr. Tech says:

Looks super slow – would rather want a car that just zooms off the line…what a boring ride.



Albert silent hill fan! says:

Wow more hp than a Bugatti and koenigsegg!!!!!! Wow!

Ken The Car Guy says:

What kind of transmission or gear box does it have? I see a clutch pedal but no gear lever and only paddles. Interesting

Dave Johnson says:

Someone call Radical and tell them this is what reving and acceleration looks like.

***M-JC FckFanboys says:

let's see how long it takes to get from 0 to 400 in just 6 seconds.

Mateusz Wróbel says:

That poor laptop..

ArDian Blakaj says:

This car is so slow they had to push it to the starting lane :p

Ravis Maximus says:

2000hp does quarter at 12.5 ouch

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