2004 Saleen S7-R "Evo" GT1 ex Acemco: Accelerations, Warm-Up & Sound!

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This video is about a beautiful Saleen S7-R I saw in action at Monza Circuit last weekend. The car is chassis 029R and it’s the first one of the “Evolution” version built from 2004 in California rather than in UK by RML like the first series (S7R was totally redesigned, both on the aero and especially on the constructive side). It was raced in the 2004 ALMS under the Acemco colours and in the 2009 FIA GT championship with K plus K Motorsport team.
Now this S7R has been restored by Art & Revs and it’s used in the Endurance Racing Legends series around Europe. Listen to the mighty roar of the 7.0 N/A V8 engine!

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Camcorder: Canon Legria HF GX10 & G30 + Canon DM-100 Microphone
Event: Monza Historic 2019 by Peter Auto
Where: Monza Circuit, Italy

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Lance Hondrade says:

Fun Fact: The Saleen S7 was featured in Jim Carrey’s “Bruce Almighty.”

Seth McCormick says:

Great content man! I've been a subscriber for quite a bit now and am always very impressed with your videos. PLEASE keep it up!!

Matt JT says:

I missed the old GT1 class. Had some epic cars in it.

Fabiot says:

Such a sexy car … I love it

Snehan Ghosal says:

I hate

The fact that I can't afford it

Prison Mike says:

One of the few proper U.S super cars

Craig Alexander says:

I could watch this all day.

ʎƦ says:


Iconic Racing says:

Great video many thanks ! official video here :


this American car needed a ban in order to be kept from winning races and eating the euro's lunch. sound familiar ? 🙂

Meirzhan Yermek says:

Too slow, too quiet and too safe after TT races

William Hendrix says:

no side impact bars?

peter zebot says:

I used to have a lawn mower like this. It would die if not on the throttle constantly.

00 7 says:

I hate that this V8 S7R Saleen Isn't in my new Grid 2019 Game

They Live We See says:

it's like a longer mclaren F1

kyle young says:

The beautiful sound of a smallblock ford

RFSA180 says:

Is there a road version?

Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin says:

Undoubtedly my all time favourite mid-engined American supercar.

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