2009 Chevy Corvette ZR1 "BURNOUTS"

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Watch BURNOUTS from the 2009 Chevy Corvette ZR1 by a GM test engineer at Texas Motor Speedway.


Adam Rivas says:

man you suck ,,,

Jose Ramirez says:

like  the str33trider facebook page to watch videos like this

PrivDexx says:

It's silent but when you step on the gas it's no more silent

AK Channel says:

came out to drag with big turbo with big vtec engine . .

pontiacGXPfan says:

Stupid nice sound on takeoff.

RRGSR says:

what's funny is you don't even here the supercharger. well played GM, well played

Chase Colston says:

@slspg Well I hope to god it would be faster than a civic! haha its only 4.2 liters bigger and supercharged! last time I checked civics were considered economy cars not super cars.

elliottrawr says:

i actually love this car when it hits the rev limiter. its just the best 🙂

Caleb Brown says:

@R34GTRR35 some americans dont but i know alot that can but i would love to go to burnout events in austraila

Caleb Brown says:

@R34GTRR35 some americans dont but i know alot that can

R34GTRR35 says:

Americans dont know how to do burnouts …lol

Type in Amercan burnout versus Australian burnout

porksniffer says:

My 98 Civic Si sounds just like that.

556x45mm NATO says:

@slspg yeah cause their totally on the same level right? stupid comparison.

80" Reach says:

@mtprince09 LOL, more like piss on a CIVIC

slspg says:

@mtprince09 haha you think so???just check out my videos you'll see what kind of car i ride into.Then you can piss your pants

kowclubproductions says:

@mustang4sho hp isn't what im talking about, you could have a 1000hp mustang and the zr1 would still beat it around the nurbergring

kowclubproductions says:

@mustang4sho ya but the crovette zr1 is 7th fastest around the nurbergring then the viper acr then the corvette z06, then after that comes all the foreign stuff, like the enzo the zonda the gtr….

slspg says:

@mustang4sho good for you

Jerry Ramirez says:

roastin those michelin tires lol
i love my hondas and the import scene but no matter what, mucsle always comes out on top.

Cody Bulkley says:

@mustang4sho — no civic will rape a corvette. Not even a base vette. i mean that it wont win on an overall comparison, 0-60, 1/4 mile, top speed and handling, etc. no matter what the stupid ricer will top out at 150! this ZR1 should be compared to supercars not a stupid Japanezie car.

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