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We roast the tires of the 2010 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 then explains why the car’s new Performance Traction Management system makes it harder to do … and why that’s a good thing.

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Dexter Sullen 'TRUTH' says:

0-60 all depends on who driving

Twobarpsi says:

So bad ass!

MrRinnytintin says:

those numbers are 06-13 zo6 numbers

Wilson Martin says:

That was the worst launch in an official review I have ever seen.

player4351785527 says:

wtf is this shit, I get 4.2 0-60 on my base c6 almost every go, get a set of decent tires for god sake…

james ferrante says:

12 second quarter mile that's like forever


CHEVY DOMINATES ANYTHING FORD AND DODGE PUTS OUT. If you hate corvette your but hurt because you can't afford it and you buy a sub par car mustang or whatever dodge puts out.

emerson de andrade moreira says:

Eu amo o CORVETT ZR1

Big Country 56 says:

0:27 I don't care how beautiful your singing is its doesn't compare to the soundtrack of this bad ass beauty

mia1shooter says:

these idiots cant drive for shit!

Frédérik Fortier says:

so insane 

onemillion says:

GTR beats all american muscle cars in all aspects but maybe not as fun since its automatic.

Will Moore says:

What if I don't want to be pussy and do a smokey fucking burnout

TheWolfMatt says:

You just don't get it do you…..there's nowhere you can hide on YT that I cannot find you. STOP TROLLING VETTES & I may consider letting you live to troll yourself a bit more. HAHA

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