2010 Ford Taurus SHO, Corvette ZR1-based Mantide to the Nurburgring? Bob Lutz returns to GM

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The people over at Stile Bertone may be bringing the Mantide to the Nurburgring, Bob Lutz could be returning to GM, and some future navigation systems may be going 3D. Watch and find out. Hosted by Mike Spinelli.


TheSmellyPasta says:

Anybody know the name of the song at 06:24 ?

Andrea Maria Zabar says:

lol, ridicolous american cars!

cassowaryind says:

guess you were wrong, it has an Australian built straight 6, 4ltr twin ohc with variable valve timing, also a turbo version and a 5.7 litre quad cam V8.

cassowaryind says:

The Taurus is almost the same as the Australian built G6 Falcon go to 3w'sford dot com dot au slash cars slash falcon slash G6, In fact the car looks like a direct copy. More of the Yanks stealing Australian Designs like GM did with the Holden and making it into their family car by changing badges and driver position. Funny thing is that Ford are going to close up their design shop in Australia.

Alex Stoian says:


Betamonster says:

thank you saved alot of time lol

dude2106 says:

You might want to check out the boot on your 928, because there has to lay about 400kg of gold back there if it should weigh the same as that Ford!

TheTardis157 says:

The Taurus weighs as much as my Porsche 928 🙂

TrolLTrollsky says:

18mpg really. in 2012

Adudethatlikesmusic says:

i dont really like this guy…

Chayton says:

should have demanded that the marauder came back -_-

T Rain says:

my life is no longer a movie but the show ain't over homos

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