2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat – Exhaust Note

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Dodge unveiled the most powerful V-8 in its history earlier in the week under the hood of the 2015 Challenger SRT Hellcat. We got to take a closer look at the supercharged, 600-plus-horsepower coupe this morning at the Midwest Automotive Media Association Rally in Wisconsin.
Source audio levels for both interior and exterior have not been altered.

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biggshig says:

Good muthafuckin shit!

T. V. says:

0:39 overmodulated, busted my ears, but it was cool.
also that flame was sick 😎

eddie brown says:

The other 2 are pony cars, this one is a full grown horse…….

Cash m says:

Dodge makes some dope exhausts

Omar Refaqat says:

Thats loud but is it good?

Mitty Smith says:

The sound of cheap horsepower… Sounds like garbage, but if 64k is all you can afford for a 3s car then it’s a good deal… However this is just a step up from your gene pool of mustang owners, idiots that drive these have a much lower life expectancy…. got a idiot in the neighborhood with one of these who won’t stop revving it and drives like a maniac thinking he’s in a NASCAR race going around the neighborhood…. they’ll be scraping him off the pavement soon.

Kassandra Contreras says:

I'm all about tuners, but holy shit, that exhaust sounds fucking amazing.

Ami Tamir says:

wish Kelly ripa would rev up the engine in heels and stockings really hard

SuperSix4 says:

Mopar or no car

Donesan707 says:

This is the video, that made me buy a Hellcat!!

Scorpion MKX says:

Original sound of hellcat roarrrr

Joseph Artiles says:

Sound like me on a Monday morning.

Lance Cobalt says:

the rev scared the hell outta me.

No-one says:

Damn is that Lightning McQueen there?

Tajj jjat says:

sounds like can of whoop ass

First Name says:

Who allowed them to put that bitch ass brz as an outro to this

Kairo MV says:

this make me cry

FYL Production says:

ummm ouch….

DeadeyePvP says:

Fuck it would be hard to not wake up the neighbors driving this to work at 6 in the morning

ibrahim tabuk says:

EARgasms !!

Brooks says:

No way it's stocked

Josh Soto says:

I'm in love

Haris Supian says:

whats its name of exhaust this car challenger hellcat

Chris Mac says:

Complete moron revving a cold engine.

Kamal Ibrahim says:

don't use ur headphones while listening to this monster!!!

Slac adjuster says:

Thanx, now my dick is hard

Brian Putorti says:

sounds like it was modified not stock

LeThanos says:

oh man I gotta get my dad to buy me this next year i would love to scare the students in my school with that Exhaust I would die laughing once they hear the exhaust from a mile away

Michael Scott says:

600+ horsepower? You mean 700+ horsepower. Give credit where it's due.

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