2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat performance

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With 707 horsepower under the hood, the 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT with the HEMI Hellcat engine is the fastest muscle car ever. Click to watch … and find out just how fast!


Bruce W. says:

is that chip foose?

Stan Kinaz says:

I prefer Elon's Tesler

Sergeant Schlumpf says:

at the time of watching this for the 10th time since 2015.. this video had 6.4k likes.. funny 😁 😄 😆 eh..

Natalia Baez says:

hermoso auto lástima q acá en Argentina no hay de estas bestias la verdad q me gustaría q ubieran en argentina

Sapiyoserrato Serrato says:

I like your dodge cargar i want to have 1

espada9 says:

Joe Rogan…..

Mystic says:

If you put a lighter kid in it will run 2.86 in the quarter mile!!!!!!!!!!!

kjraider2 says:

When car and driver exposed this as a fabricated joke. The were doing 11.8s on radials lol. Not even MT could get a prefect DA better than 11.7

Marek Misztal says:

why aren't tou selling this beast in europe? i'd love to buy a hellcat one day but i'm living in poland

Aleksandar Aleksic says:

This is one of the ugliest cars on earth !!! Its hideous !

joe r gonzales says:


Abhay Kumar says:

707 HP yes, but with 4490 LBS? the effective HP is ?

Elton Rider says:

Bloco do motor Tupy 6.4L HD V8 é fabricado na Tupy Fundição em Joinville, Brasil !!

Johnnie C says:

wow 4420 lb curb weight,, YIKES

Johnnie C says:

I hope they gear it better in the Rear end than they did the viper,, all that hype with the Viper and it got spanked

Dick Head says:

Tip: Cut the shit music boys.

S Rod says:

I only see women driving challengers, mustangs and camaros now.

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