2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat – WR TV Sights & Sounds

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It’s been a while since we’ve had a long term test vehicle at the Winding Road offices, so we thought we’d reintroduce the idea with something special.

WR Long-Term Garage: 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat: http://www.windingroad.com/articles/reviews/wr-long-term-garage-2015-dodge-challenger-srt-hellcat/

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Wear headphones! The audio in this video was recorded with in-ear binaural microphones. With headphones or earbuds on, you’ll feel like you’re actually sitting in the driver’s seat.

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Luan Almeida says:

Tesão de ouvir

Erichhh says:

3:08 blublublublublublublublublublub…..

Ford Mustang says:

3:08 dat porn sound

Holder do Cerrado says:


Ary Kadir says:

Yoo where is this located in Michigan??

Valtress says:

Wow this car is screaming 😯

Leon Barnewski says:

Wich exhaust Is it?

LmaoKVS says:

Pure Hell. All i have to say lmao

Acab Boy says:

my favourite american car

Paul Stark says:

That manual😍😍

icey Gang 18 baby says:

let me drive

NoPhill says:

I want a hellcat but I’m only 17 insurance is hella high and I only have part time job 😢

30 Days Of Night says:

Hellcat Dehşet ül vahşet car…

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