2015 Lamborghini Huracan Vs 2015 Dodge Hellcat ( F

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This what happens when you get your hands on a super car. Car transporter decided to make a quick stop in Mexico with a customers car. Whats better than racing a Lambo that is not yours?

2015 Lamborghini Huracan : Stock
2015 Dodge Hellcat : Stock

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SARGON Georges says:

One bad cat

Ghosts1912 says:

Dodge isn’t stock.

Hellcat Redeye -G says:

Great video If you’re ever in the ATL we can go for a drive we are pushing 1080 in The redeye custom built😊

AngelDAGr8 says:

money cant buy knowledge

Clarence Campbell says:

Who cares? I’d still choose the lambo over the dodge. I love women and women love exotics, they know luxury when they see it and as far as the dodge goes they think it’s a regular car. Plus the lambo looks 100x better. People don’t realize the perks driving a exotic vs a regular car.

Βασιλης Λοςψη says:

Well you can race them in a track and lambo will show it's worth…but i'd take the hellcat everyday

Jessie Fox says:

Why no launch control?

Cisco says:

Stock Lambo is 10.5 on a 1/4 mile
Stock Hellcat is 11.7 on a 1/4 mile
All this video proves is that the hellcat driver is much more experienced behind the wheel.

Dakota Williams says:

Lambo was SLEEPING on the line

HNS INC says:

For some reason the lambo driver wasn’t using launch control or corsa? The lambo would’ve won easy …odd

Windows 95 says:

É por isso que VOU comprar um Dodge Hellcat

Nicholas Kotarski says:

Now that's what you call good reaction time.. 1st race was a perfect launch .. I'm sure you're engine temps up a little bit after all these runs. Unless you have a racing intercooler I don't know. But it's clear the Hellcat is a faster vehicle. Well you're Hellcat is

John E says:

My 911 destroys Hellcats with ease. But I have to give credit to Dodge for the horsepower you get for a Dodge.

woody95124 says:

haaaaa awesome!

JohnNoobTV says:

Every kid in 3rd grade: "Lamborghinis are the best and fastest!"

Dodge: "no"

Warrior Of Christ says:

Once that hellcat kick into third gear its curtains

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