2016 Lamborghini Aventador SV LP750-4: Is it Legal to Have This Much Fun? – Ignition Ep. 147

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There have been several big, mid-engined, V-12 Lamborghinis over the years. Starting with the sinfully gorgeous Miura, through to the spaceship-looking, brand defining Countach, to the sinister Diablo, to the origamiish Murcielago, to the modern day Aventador, they’ve all been loud, sexy, attention-garnering beasts. But have they been any good to drive? Honestly? No, not especially. Not in the driver’s car sense of the word. Well friends, meet the latest Lambo Superveloce on this week’s episode of Ignition presented by Tire Rack (http://www.tirerack.com). Power is up, weight is down, and key handling bits are all new. Does the red monster live up to its name, which literally translates to “super fast?” Watch as Jonny Lieberman finds out!

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HaNooo says:

Tyres are a huge deal. Huracán had Trofeo Rs. Basically slicks for the road that they can get away with. The P1 tried that cheat. I don't know about the 918. Too bad they didn't retest it. I don't think TireRack.com has Trofeo Rs. Knowing them, they might. They actually do. The 918 ran factory Michelin Pilot Cup tyres. (P1 ran Trofeo Rs)

Ur Nan says:

This car sounds like every forza horizon 3 car

Juan Dam says:

How do I find all the reviews of this guy? I've been looking around the MotorTrend Channel but can't seem to find his videos.

You kNow says:

I hate your face. You look like a child molester and a crackhead had a baby

Jon Macatubal says:

I wish I had this my dad was praying to win the lotto

Arpan singh says:

It's a beast

Maxwell Lynch says:

Chevrolet Z06 $100k beat this $300k shitbox 😂 😂

Carl Hsieh says:

I love the styling of this car but that spoiler got to go, it's hideous lol

Bubbas Ernie says:

That is some rapid acceleration my dude.

Robert Guzman says:

Super car, no need to use the Lord’s name in vain. Show some respect

Gesù Cristo says:

Ma noi italiani abbiamo anche dei difetti🙂❤️

Abhishek Ramakrishnan says:

Great idea to shoot this in a tunnel

Mike Cui says:

Even though the SVJ is faster, I still prefer the SV just because it is the best looking Aventador !

Lucas Marasinghe says:


Kevin Damunupola says:

All the aventadors look amazing

Michele Baptie says:


Michele Baptie says:

[CAR DRIVES] CHOO! choo look out craaaash

Michele Baptie says:


Atha says:

I want 1 please, 💓


so randy is not the right driver.

Uzy Christensen says:

Can someone tell me the color of the Lamborghini in this video please?
Lamborghini has many different custom “Red” colors available. Anyone know the actual color?

Giorgio Ledesmark says:

No matter how much I envy you, I respect you dude. All you people made an excellent video! Congratulations; Nice job on this A W E S O M E car!

Zed XO Crew says:

The weeknd reminder video is shot ob the same tunel. XO

Dan THE MAN says:

I gotta Start Selling more of Lady Friends to get this 1!!! Sign,,,Pimp chi -Town!!!

Hamza Qureshi says:

this guy surely dont know that how to drive a super car properly…

IvCastilla says:

Please do some good and try the venom.

Giulia alba says:

Im italian and i didnt know Lamborghini was italian i thought it was american

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