2017 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat 6 Speed Manual POV Drive!

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POV drive in a 2017 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat 6 Speed Manual. 707 Horsepower and 650 Torque. This car is a beast! Pure Muscle Car right here, 6 speed manual. Big American V8 that sounds amazing, but man that supercharger whine is just amazing. I smiled every mile I drove. The car is huge and heavy, but who cares, this car has 707 horsepower, so fun. The 6 Speed Manual is the way to go to. I would definitely recommend buying this car. It is so fun and you will not be disappointed.

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pprf 00 says:

My wife can punch it better than this fartknocker.. on a TUESDAY

ezequiel parada says:

Mucha máquina para tan mal conductor, mete los cambios peor que mi abuela jaja 😂

LOthmane says:

the most noob ever seen

Matthew Mason says:

This was Big Dawg Status 🤣🤙🏾

Murdock MacIntyre says:

What's with the 2 hands on the wheel like he's about to drive off a cliff??? Steer with one hand and shift with the other… It's not hard.

Roberto Dias says:

Who's Driving
A Girl?

Mr. He so fake says:

U want this kinda car.

Mr. He so fake says:

U want a dodge charger str demon .

Chris Sanchez says:

7:06 oh no

Crankshaft Rotator says:

Short gears like a bike.

christophe piriot says:

yeah I wants this for my srt8 2006 super charged

normal person says:

learn to drive a manual transmission please.

Sinisterr_392 says:

Dude what’s up with the high ass RPMs ? Do u even know how to drive Manuel ?

zmark88 says:

Is it just me or is this guy the cringiest driver? Just keep driving Auto dude. You're no good in manual.

Javon Jennings says:

he scared of that car

spencer wells says:

Get a Mustang. They're much nicer.

Bo Fa'aita says:

I'm coming from an STI, Nismo 370 and I'm interested in a hellcat- Merica Power ! But why the hell is there no ebrake handke !?!?! Wtf was dodge thinking putting on the floor ??!

Youssef says:

My neck hurts because of the camera angle

Jay Moore says:

They only come with Automatic

「N E K O」 says:

0:57 dat hand

Mehran Mirahmadi says:

Worst manual driver ever! Doesn't go further than 2nd gear

Lee RT says:

I know in an equal match up that automatics are faster but the straight shifts are a blast to drive. I would love to have a hellcat but very grateful for my 6 speed R/T.

Disappointed Steve says:

I love a stick! Bought a brand new Ford Focus ZXR and drove the shit out of it throughout So Cal until I totalled it with over 80,000 miles. 😄

Shemi’yah son of Zion says:

That glorious sound starting @ 4:18

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