2018 Aston Martin DBS Superleggera road test review. The ultimate Aston V12

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2018 Aston Martin DBS Superleggera is the latest ultimate Aston DB11. With a twin turbo V12, performance is astonishing. To find out more, watch this full road test review.
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Antler Wales says:

Sounds GREAT. Looks; exterior so, so, interior awful. Missing those stunninly beautiful clean lines of the DB9. Hopefully they haven't completely lost their way and come back from this disappointing highly questionable design tangent.

Andy says:

Since Ford copied traditional Aston Martin’s front grills (it must have been very annoying for Aston owners to see the same front grill in a simple Ford Fusion…), they decided to redesign the whole thing and the result is an over exaggerated plastic looking front grill (it obviously happened after Ford divested from it). It’s not pretty and it really looks cheap. It may be one of the (bad) consequences of the takeover by private equity firms. This may also explain why the current CEO is a former Nissan executive! (Yes, they have appointed a former Japanese big scale car maker as the boss of a luxury and sophisticated high end car brand!!!). It’s a shame such an incredible traditional car maker has been mishandled for so long.

Samuel Parker says:


Khalif Abdul-Samaad says:

The blinker sounds kind of weird

Martin Meare says:

'Quartic Steering Wheel' BL Austin Allegro 1974!!!

Snapjockey says:

Austin Allegro steering wheel?

animal mother says:

Love this car and the fact it’s absolute overkill for the street.

dandare1001 says:

It's nice from the outside, although the rear is a little boring. The interior is a bit too boring as well. I think I would get fed up looking at it on a long journey.
As for "superlegerra", it should be under 1300kgs to have such a name.

Jeremy Sawatzky says:

That interior is just so terrible.

joe king says:

I'm sorry but the car is let down massively by the interior design, it looks like 2002 designs.

R J says:

Looking forward to the summer test – to see if that lack of traction problem does/does not materialise. Also, would love to see a review of the Ferrari 812 Superfast — could that follow soon Harry?

M. 1264 says:

Great review Harry, beautiful car! Also, nice looking Panerai on your your wrist. 👍🏻

MH0709 says:

Double the price of a Bentley Continental GT but I would take the Bentley every time, and whomever selected that steering wheel in the Aston should be sent back to design school to learn how to draw a circle. The exhaust 'noise' is awful. The mirrors look like they are going to fall off. The entire vehicle is over-styled. The package is just annoying to look at and listen to.

colin5577 says:

Lovely on the outside, ugly on the inside, high maintenance, a bit remote and not as much fun as it looks. Sounds like a billionaire's wife. No wonder they love 'em.

onemoresi says:

Nice external aesthetics, but the interior is unremarkable.

Because_Cars_UK says:

Compared to previous astons this looks cheap and chavvy inside and out

DAVID Duxbury says:

People, it’s an Aston Martin, British built for crying out loud. Be proud, if you have always wanted one what does it matter what the steering wheel looks like, it still goes like sh.t on the road…

R. J. Steens says:

Jame's May's long lost brother

Graham Smith says:

Congratulations to Ben Harwood,he built the engine but he wouldn't be able to afford to afford the car if he saved up for four lifetimes.😦

wrathgar11 says:

Harry's Garage and Carfection. The only valid reasons for a YouTube premium account.

L. T. says:

There might come a day when Aston Martin hires an interior designer to get rid of the 1999 Hyundai design. But it is not this day.

tomtalk24 says:

The new wave of Aston's look too concept, too James Bond for me. They seem to be going from beautiful to striking. Like how German saloons went from understated to brap brap in your face.
V12 Vantage over this any day!

D STONE says:

Looks cheap inside

Martin Jamieson says:

So as Harry and the comments have all said – fantastic looks, technology isn't great and interior is just bad. A good car for someone else to own.

Guys That Drive says:

sounds like same issue as with the original M4, engine mapping needs sorting to remove the huge torque spike.

Dario DeNiro says:

How many "AML I" number plates are there around, every time I see an Aston, it's always got the same plate.

Wild Racoons says:

you should have an option when ordering the car to remove those useless back seats at all and give a big boot or a space behind the seats to put your bags. I dont get these 2+2 coups… who will buy this car to carry small children????

Steeltrap says:

I've always thought Astons are overpriced and somewhat pointless. There are better outright sports cars, and better GTs. Still don't see why people would spend this sort of money on this vs better alternatives.
He more or less said he'd prefer the Bentley. and I can see why.

hotstixx says:

The new Bentley is just too smooth and smug and imperious..beautiful of course but i can hear the word "Wanker" a lot, as you pass by little groups of people.With the Aston,there`d be more forgiveness insofar as people might impute to you a love of driving and indeed a the courage to do so but the interior turns me off…Which is why i`ll be sticking with my golf…actually that`s a lie,i cycle a bike and not a particularly good one at that.

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