2018 Bentley Continental GT Coupé | First Drive Review | Autocar India

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The plan was to have breakfast in Austria, lunch in Italy, and make a dash back across the border for dinner. It was a hectic schedule but Bentley presumably wanted us to get into the skin of the jet setters who make up the Continental GT’s buyer base. After the grand tour in one, Nikhil Bhatia believes few cars make small work of big distances as convincingly as the new, third-generation Bentley Continental GT.

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sahi hai b says:

I can buy it but I hav to live in it …😁

sunny shrivastava says:

its like the rich mans mustang gt XD

Yash Ghule says:

Gonna buy it soon!!loved it!❤❤

Satya Prakash says:

It's good i thought to buy it but it's mileage is only 2-5 kmph. Now I will buy Renault kwid.

sunshine 2018 says:

The car, shes a beauty

Mohit baid says:

When it comes to luxury it's the only company neck to neck with the Rolls Royce .

Sheetal sakla says:

Where are you driving

mujeeb says:

Very nice sir.
Are you an automobile engineering?

Ayush Pathak says:

At first we need thid kind of roads afterthat we will only imagine to buy one😂

Manoj Panwars says:

Plzzz make a video on Bentley mulsanne 2018

ankur kumar says:

Don't like it

Sameer Vaidya says:

Man…!! why they build such killing machines ..???

Every time I try to ignore watching such dream cars but i end up in watching it.

months together it makes me to think again and again.

and every time i image it's smiling royal face tells … Dude you Damn cannot afford it in your life time….!!

Dhanraj Sarkate says:



my dream car


Looks luxurious ❤️😍

tharun VENKAT says:

Why is everything that is shot in Europe look so good

Binu Wilfred says:

It take hours to build this car

Sambhav Agarwal says:

Only 0.000000000000001 % can buy this car

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