2019 Aston Martin DBS Superleggera | 715bhp V12 Ferrari rival driven | Autocar

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Is Aston Martin’s 715bhp DBS Superleggera a Ferrari-beating super grand tourer, and worthy successor to the much-loved Vanquish? Road test editor Matt Saunders took to an Alpine pass to find out Subscribe now: http://smarturl.it/autocar

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iiredeye iiredeye says:

The interior and the hideous uppercase name on the back would stop me buying this car. give it the Bentley interior and put the wings on the back and I'll take one.

Puzzoozoo says:

I prefer a proper Aston grill, and not that black hole, and the dash design looks dated.

Alex says:

"slippy diff"

skua stone says:

Never knew family guy did car review, cool.

Stamo Hristov says:

WTF "Superleggera" is doing on non-italian car? At least make it fast as should be if it's a "Superleggera"…

Michael Moreau says:

"The world would be a poorer place without an Aston Martin?" What century is this guy from?

Chetan11 says:

honestly very dull boring review..i expected Matt Prior doing the video

Cashew Nutmeg says:

This journalist needs to go back to school

Chaplin says:

Either a fanboy, loves it because it's British, wants to please Aston or a combination. There is a TON to like in the DBS, but he was clearly too biased to come off as genuine in his thoughts. Also, the review was boring. He tried to muster up passion but it just came off as bland passion

Mark X says:

So with fluids and a porky test driver 1900kg, superlegerra?

Zilio jones says:

One word wanker 🤓

1111 says:

I love the exterior appearance. YES YES ….. However, the interior looks very dated, too much plastic with a small 8" Mazda CX-5 looking monitor. .. They should add some/additional gauges, centrally positioned like Weisman and Bentley. The steering column looks too massive and plastic. They should put more magnesium parts under the hood/bonnet as it is stronger than steel and weighs 30% less than Aluminium. Titanium does not rust, so please a Titanium exhaust. Please, more Titanium fittings/ screws, washers, underneath the cabin and bonnet, because as of 2018 Aston Martin still has a reputation for rusting .

Jacques BRUNO says:

Aston-Martin Super Leggera : V12 Biturbo 725 hp !!

Bart Vandenhaute says:

The AMG is strong in this one…

Aamir Bedi says:

They know they have to compete with Lamborghini,Ferrari otherwise no point making car like this Vanquish is the pure/real Aston Martin

Aamir Bedi says:

Crap 💩 the new vanquish would never look that disgusting

S Tristan says:

“This is the best car Aston produces, maybe”… Wow! Such a definitive, insightful, confident statement. How did you ever reach such a mind blowing conclusion?

robleake says:

mumble mumble

ezcatch77 says:

Agreed. Talked to much AND did not demonstrate how good the car is. This car is great until one begins to compare it to the Ferrari Superfast or TDF. 1st, AM Cannot match Ferrari to max HP output, EVEN with a turbocharger. 2nd, what it gains in TQ it loses in engine response. 3rd, take these cars to a backroad and the AM will NEVER see which way the Superfast went. So yes, good car in the GT realm but a head to head test will see Superleggera trip over itself.

anbu999 says:

With fuel and driver, it will be "just" under 1900 kg. That's a hippo.

Vedant Sarkhot says:

What a beauty

LarryUK says:

3 times the price of the Lexus LC500 which has a better interior and is as powerful as 90%of drivers can handle. Nah.

LarryUK says:

Same 0-60 as the new Bentley Continental which is £60k cheaper and has an interior that beats any car out there. I’ll have the Bentley.

Tony Chan says:

guys will you be posting a review of the BMW M2 Competition?

Alex Cepile says:

an italian name (used by italian brands) on a british car. why?

Rohan Regikumar says:

Did I just heard 715 horse power 😍💥💥💥💥

Justin J says:

I don't normally comment on videos but I felt compelled to do so this time.

This review was so boring I couldn't watch the whole thing. Really disappointing for such a beautiful car.

D lostboii: Utd All the Way says:

It looks to much like the F-Type for me, I bet it the same designer

AntonioMM says:

Boring review

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