2019 Bentley Continental GT – Exterior and Interior Walkaround – 2019 NY Auto Show

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Captain Mustafa says:

Gorgeous but why is there no screens in it??

Big Worm says:


S W58 says:

Perfect. Simply Perfect !

DDE says:

She is gorgeous… color on point

DEE R3D says:

Ford Mustang is waaay nicer!

Angelo Picasso says:

Crack head music with a Bentley??? Why???

Travis Dumas says:

Man that thang sooooooooooo right!!! 🙏🏽🤑

craig orford says:

These cars ave a lot of presence,Would love one

정이현 says:

what is color

Still D.R.E 💯💲🏁 says:

Beautiful 😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Marcelo Ramos says:

A música então,,é de inpogar

Marcelo Ramos says:

Mas que carro lindo

Canal Dprê says:

The reverse lights?

Michael Devanathan says:

What is the exterior color by bentley?

Tar heels 215 says:

Pure🔥 🔥 🔥

Илья Колесников says:

Автовозу далеко до такого

Rhasaan Simmons says:


이재영 says:

music is shit

Ба Ха says:

Одна калеса стоит , моя годавая зарплата. Сукаааааа как я ее хочу.

Scott Ferguson says:

Mine arrives in a few months, but with red leather interior, Dad bought it for me as a gift!

Robert Bigbee says:

Send me that beat

Alberto Matambo says:

I love Bentley what a beautiful machine… No country can compete with European cars. 👌

eric f. says:

Quando la comprero?

Eik Nai tien says:

I don't know when can get it!😭😭😭

ben dost says:

Oh! Speechless, This car…hits every spot I love it.

AutoFocusTom says:

This looks like the same car I got to test drive when it was debuted! https://youtu.be/t0IRyPKUa-o

arthurone1 says:


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