2020 Bentley Continental GT – The Best Luxury Sport Coupe!

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2020 Bentley Continental GT V8 Coupe
Engine Twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8
Output 542 Horsepower / 558 Pound-Feet
Transmission 8-Speed Dual-Clutch
Drive Type All-Wheel Drive
Speed 0-60 MPH 3.9 Seconds
Maximum speed 198 MPH
Fuel Economy T.B.D.
Weight 4,837 Pounds
Seating Capacity 4
Base Price $198,500
As-Tested Price $261,200 (est)

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世界平和 says:


GOT AOT says:

It is an amazuing car but sound cmon bentley turbocharged v12 with 600hp and this is all we get

The Automotive says:

That is my ultimate dream


When I die and If Im eligible for heaven, I will ask God for this car as I cant afford to buy it on earth =)

Basil Ramel says:

I'll have mine soon..

Arakel Mer hayastan says:


Ваше Величество says:

Збсь тачка)пойду в перекрёсток за доширом схожу

Hassan Funter says:

WaoOoOO .! whaaaaattttaaaa caaaaaaarrrrr ….

Путь к успеху Panamera says:

Или авто газ новую волну выпустил

Путь к успеху Panamera says:

Похожа сзади на Волгу сайбер

roberto bergamaschi says:

todo Este lujo para que. es nada mas que un carro..

Two M's says:

Who’s Here From GTA ?

jayesh jain says:

Their is not another opinion for the car lovers apart from Bentley

jayesh jain says:

Amazing💕😍💕😍 beautiful as well as wonderful awesome👏✊ marvelous

Zayan Qadash says:

Lame 😒 ass video

miguel Becerra says:

Copied Mercedes Benz

amir romans 0600165306 says:

Yasalam ,😍😍😍😍

Vladas Kviklis says:

Заебатый ролик,показали как фонари мигают и экран крутится очень увлекательно и познавательно

Сергей Миленин says:

Норм тачка

Dont Care says:

Nice video. It would have been nice to see the engine though!

미스터최 says:

차 내부가 너무 화려하네 난 사지 말아야겠다 ㅋ

fox foxxes says:

Reminds me of a Mercedes s class

B B says:

Its really great car

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