2020 Hellcat Redeye vs Hellcat Charger and Dodge Demon vs Hellcat Charger – muscle cars drag racing

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2020 Dodge Hellcat Redeye takes on Hellcat Charger and Dodge Demon takes on Hellcat Charger ,drag race,top speed and acceleration


Von Raphael B. Calawod says:


Fuego Downsy says:

Who else loves the sound of a hellcat engine

vic40171 says:

Redeye driver needs to find a new hobby. You suck!

Minchun Yang says:

Someone please make a demon Durango

Reef ひ says:

That redeye driver was god awful.

DjTHUNDERkatana 1903 says:

Dodge demon has more horse power than the hellcat so I think demon would win

Mattedious says:

Now imagine how powerful the hellcat Charger Redeye is gonna be next year

Just 1 Man says:

These aren't race cars they are fucking everyday drivers that are mostly stock. They are fast but the drivers aren't racers because they bought a fast car off the car lot.

Aboody Aboody says:

هاي مو جالنجر ديمون هاي ريد اي

Steez- x says:

Everyone I see achallenger I think of a body builder shark

A3Xzombies says:

That demon took off holy shit 😂

Youtube Canceler says:

Brush your teeth before you say something wrong because I know you talk talk you get Head ace that can give you brain damage alway going say something i way something going on i way broken all way eat stank stank Ohio Texas first stop

Marius Badica says:

i am wildcat

Riich. says:

Cmon man… stop playing with the demon.. that car was ment for that

Lorenzo Gonzalez says:

Don’t even contest the demon


Chris shaw says:

I’m curious.. is the burnout before the race for a reason or just for the fun of it?

300 subscribers before August says:

The charger dose a burnout
The red eye in the car what do i press to do that?

Tony The Truck Guy says:

Take. The. Dumb. Bumper. Guards. Off.

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