2021 LAMBORGHINI AVENTADOR SVJ – Sound, Interior and Exterior Details

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Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Coupe (2021) – Exhaust Sound, Interior and Exterior Design

Engine: V12, 6.5 L, 770 Ps, 720 Nm

More information about this SVJ: https://hollmann.international/

0-100 (km/h): 2.8 s
0-200 (km/h): 8.6 s
Top Speed: 350 km/h
Price: €463.978

1. Countdown Dark Trailer by ArchitectSound https://audiojungle.net/item/countdown-dark-trailer/26497959
2. RoCars


Danilo Camargo says:

Does it have the same weird driving position of Murcielago?

Viper Gaming says:

My dream car cant wait to see it in person or even own one 😍😍

K SC says:

Probably the last NA all motor v12 supercar.

Aldo fs says:

That’s easily the nicest spec svj I’ve seen

Richard Amega says:

je pe la voir plizz

Aldo fs says:

How much longer is the aventador going to be manufactured?

むく says:

Tesla Roadster will be faster!

Ido Zal says:

This looks like a fusion of the aventedor and the preformente

nick 25 says:

Anjir… Keren… Bismillahirrahmanirrahim bisa kebeli taun ini… Aminnn…

Looney Dank801 says:

I’m buying this.

μ§€ν˜œμ§€ν˜œμ§€ν˜œ says:

아벀타도λ₯΄λ””μžμΈμ€μ’‹μ€λ° μ–Έμ œμŠ€νŒŒμ΄λ” μžλ™μœΌλ‘œλ‚˜μ˜€λƒ? λ§¨λ‚ λšœκ»‘λ–ΌλƒλΆˆνŽΈν•˜λ‹ˆκΉŒνŽ˜λΌλ¦¬μ—μ§€λŠ”κ±°λ‹€

Dr. Kidio HD says:

Ist schon mal vorbestellt

Bayu Rizky says:

I buy 20 Lamborghini.

Scot Land says:

Another POS over-hyped LAMEbo

Yolo Swaggins says:

Imo that front hood looks like shit, ruins the lambo look. Looks like a lambo after crashing into something.

Noah Lambert says:

Oh cool another car that will sit in a guys garage and won't see daylight.

Andrew Garfield says:

Holy shit this looks sick

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