$3.4 Million Lykan HyperSport Start Up, Sound and Driving

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Here’s the extremely expensive $3.4 million Lykan HyperSports, the first supercar produced in the Middle East. It is over $1 million more expensive than a Veyron Supersports! Why? Because the headlights are incrusted with 420 diamonds.
The car is powered by a turbocharged 3.7 liter flat-six engine and produces 750hp. The car is supposed to go from 0 to 60 mph in 2.8 seconds and go to a top speed of 395 km/h.

I didn’t know what engine the car had when I made the video but when it started up, I was convinced it was a flat-six : the sound is typical.

It’s also the car featured in Fast and Furious 7!


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kuboss007 says:

This car totaly sucks, belive me. I played project cars!

Sadique Palankizhiveettil says:

road that allows you to go speed of 120km/hr , even an impact at 60 km/hr going to kill u … whats the use of this plastic

Nathan MOLINA says:

c'est quoi ton vrai métier ?


looks cheap and sound cheap.

Tamas Voros says:

piece of shit…you can buy circa 7-8 pieces of Lambo Aventador for this price…OMG

Ian Santi says:

wow so many hate in the comments im the only one who likes this car

jd5179 says:

$3.4M? – for that price – I can buy Maserati GT MC, Porsche GT3, a nice house with a pool – and still have cash for other stuff.

Shotgun Arms says:

Not one video where this thing does 0-60 or top speed run. NOT ONE. Not even a track video, in car footage, NOTHING to substantiate the manufacturer's fake specs.

Also, for the record, no car enthusiast wants the 1M "Diamond Headlight" option. What an ABSOLUTE joke of a car and company.

shawwtey says:

The doors are looking so cheap…

표유빈 says:

그냥 앞에서 사진이라도찍고싶다

DON cruz says:

freaking idiots!! the doors are suppose to move like that so it can help you guide the door out. pro's: it's a nice looking car. cons: it's too expensive. I do think it doesn't offer enough for 3.5m but i keep it real and at least give it credit by saying it's a nice car. unlike all you loser fuckos that won't design shyt in your lives. I'm tired of ppl talking like they know everything.!!

Drizzy says:

This shit dope asf??FUK what people say I still love this car by the looks

OA123 says:

Why would anyone pick this over a LaFerrari or a McLaren P1?

Priscila Rosendo says:

o cara que paga 3.4 milhões em um carro feio desse so pode da o cu….

Crimson Blue says:

I'm not Lykan the car.

Framework Watches says:

After watching laferrari, this looks like a toyota

Framework Watches says:

After watching laferrari, this looks like a toyota

Daniel Newman says:

This is what they did. Take a Toyota supra 2jz put it on steroids. Strip it completely of its body. Replace it with a Lamborghini wanabe looking body type. And add some light weight materials to it.

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