304mph in a Bugatti Chiron – see how it destroys the Koenigsegg Agera RS!

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We have a new record-breaker! With a special-edition 8.0-litre, quad-turbo W16 engine packed under the bonnet pumping out 1,600hp, the Chiron has beaten the Agera RS in the battle to hit 300mph! The only question left is – does this make the Chiron the ultimate, must-have hypercar IN 2019? Join Mat & find out!

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diezel James says:

Truth the Chiron is not at this occurrence of 304MPH a production vehicle. So sorry guys you do not get the badge.

deanmoncaster says:

I'd buy the koniseg then with the money I saved I'd buy loads of women!

Александр Гуров says:

sadly it's not a production car record, but it did achieve over 300mph one way on the track, will it become a production car? I hope so the body is stunning with that long tail.

Batamare says:

Bugatti rules them all… Koniggseggsgshsh plastic piece of shit that doesn't have it's own engine.

mody6930 says:

Bugattti: we are going to hold that record for 5 years.

koenigsegg: 🙂😄😂🤣

Brij Bihari Singh says:

Koenigsegg is still better because it can produce more power with 5.0L engine where as buggati ussed 8.0L engine …so koenigsegg produce more power with less CC engine

Whittle Moore says:

It's really difficult to like Bugatti.
I really hope they don't go for the record in both directions because then koenigsegg can get the real title. After that I say aim for Mach 0.5 and then just call it a day.

Lucifer.M says:


Anonymous Person says:

It's not a production car record, as they didn't do a return trip. That's required for production car records.

Fabian Buschow says:

What about the Jesko

Joshua Austria says:

Now Wait For the Koenigsegg Jesko To Fuck that 304.77mph

[DannyHawk] says:

This is a modified bugatti chiron version, is not the production version… and this "record" of the "Most fastest Production Car" really doesen't count lol

gigamoment says:

I am pretty sure Koenigsegg is going to destroy this record.

Candra Saputra says:

8 litres vs 5 litres engine. Koenigsegg got higher power per liter engine.

I' Tom .45 says:

Its chiron not cheeron. WTF

Cedric Johnny says:

You dumb as fuck Bugatti himself and Koenigsegg confirmed that Koenigsegg is still the record holder cause this is not a production car yet its fully modified car. When the production model releases and hits this then you can call it officially the fastest production car but then again what can i expect from an imbecile fanboy

Paul Graham says:

tyler hoover..i bought the cheapest Bugatti Chiron in the USA..750000 dollars…Car Wizard to wife..honey, …reply: yes my love..wizard: that super yacht you wanted, go and pay the deposit..

Mrinal Dutta says:

Agera rs will do 300mph with minor changes because this car did 284 on stock n pump gas

Aps Reen says:

Bugatti is going to (next time) give wings to make their cars fly if Koenigsegg breaks this record now !!

koil says:

the second i scroll down all i see is…

LOl KoENigSeGg Is GOinG To GEt 4oo MPH XDDDDDDDD. Just stop

Hessam Afshari says:

Song please?

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