[4k] 50-350+ km/h RACE Bugatti Veyron Vitesse vs Koenigsegg Agera R Highspeed Oval

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50-350+ km/h RACE Bugatti Veyron Vitesse vs Koenigsegg Agera R highspeed oval
Race 1:
8:40 (Bridge Cam)
10:11 (Helmet Cam)

Race 2:
5:50 (Part 2)
13:07 (Helmet Cam)
14:22 (Part 2 Helmet Cam)
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Gaming of Gabriel Martinez says:

There’s a new Bugatti

A Rose says:

I just love the look of the Bugatti

Nini&Ruska chanell says:

Koenigsegg fast nice)) so i like bugatti sory,,)

Grant Samuel m Samiyengo says:

Drag race yes the regera has fast pick up in the short distance but the bugatti is the best machine ever built on earth. You all in your hearts you know that.love bugatti always

Stephanie Connelly says:

What is the fucking point here, koenigsegg is the world record holder, this is so pointless… 🤪

PlimP nemalp says:

the Veyron is 2 tons of lux and comfort, the regera is Dry weight: 1330 kg or two completely different cars

Randall Booker says:

The Bugatti Veyron has run it's course

robbie romobio says:

V8 vs W16..sad W16 lol

ahmad pudiyanto says:

V8 twin turbo beat W16 quad turbo

Ricardo Martinez Trujillo says:


Mikail Iqbal says:

Sweden's motor pride beats all

nanceicecream sunnyday says:

Those cars are like freaking planes.

Top Lister says:

At 12:38 look at that koenigsegg acceleration

jonathon palmer says:

Koenigsegg. Is. THEE BEST.

yco67 says:

4:55 you realized your ego is smashed again..



Sarthak Suman says:

Koenigsegg is a serial killer

SmearZ says:

the agera r hauls absolute ass

Luis Eduardo Bascós Rivera says:

No le pisa, le da el paso a su compa

Oracle of Pelham says:

One is a feat of engineering the other is a race car.

Abdul Ghafoor says:

Fuck why u lose

Nathaniel Davis says:

Agera don't mess around!!

geronimo rosales says:

Simplemente hermoso el koenisegg agera rs

Kevin Otero says:

I kinda do like that high pitched sound the Bugatti makes. Almost sounds supercharged

Azniff Aniq says:

6:25 that speed tho

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