$5.0 Million Lamborghini Veneno Roadster in Switzerland – START UP & BRUTAL SOUNDS

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The Ultimate Veneno Roadster, this is Nr. 9 of 9 in Verde Muira!

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spencer kairi says:

My Lord, that sound ❤️❤️❤️?

Mocking69 says:


Chaosmelone44 says:

My dream❤❤❤

Political Nonsense says:

1:34 – 5 million dollars and no turn signals.
Seriously now, I don't get it – a lot of expensive-car drivers don't signal their turns. It's like you pay all that money for an expensive car, but you're the human equivalent of fucking horse-and-carriage.
If you're going to drive a super-premium car, at least have the fucking decency to better yourself.
Turn signals are the absolute tell-tale sign of a good driver. If you're driving around in a Veneno and you can't even signal your turns, you're just another baboon with money.
I have more respect for a Dacia driver who signals his turns than a Veneno driver who doesn't.

Neo Fact's says:

for 5 mil you can buy a luxury house, 1 nice looking car , some investment and wife . and a cute dog. happy family

and you still rich.

Blake Cuomo says:

Copy Cats I Have The Same one

Cloyd Lauren says:

wow its so good i loved this vid im gonna share

Lindon Dumais says:

I’d rather get a koenigsegg for which has more power and it’s faster and cost less. This lambo can’t be worth that much that’s overkill


The ugliest lambo I've ever seen



Etienne 777 says:

Rather buy 50 tesla model $'s for 5mil!
They have taken many wealthy people for a ride with this car.

vggcgcf f c to bd says:

Lamborghini, Ferrari, Königsegg… They all look identical, no aura, toy cars. I stick to timeless lookin' cars like Bentleys.

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