797hp Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye, Racing in an Airplane Graveyard

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Danger Dan fears no speed, and fears (almost) no vehicle. Which is why he’s the ideal candidate to put behind the wheel of a Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye, getting him certified to go up to 199mph in the standing mile at the 2019 East Coast Timing Association 1 Mile Challenge. That, and the fact that he’s always fixing the mistakes us jabronies always make. So the man deserves some seat time.

Special thanks to RJ Gottlieb and the Big Red Crew for making this happen.

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Hoonigan says:

Now that Dan is certified to 199mph… what should we build to go 199mph?

Chris Parsons says:

"Hell yeah" -Zach, 600 times

Sleepy Brown says:

I got excited be cause I thought it was ganna be a c1500 with a hellcat engine swap

ron baer says:

the chiron went 304.77

obviously not in the mile though

Richard Hurts says:

Very cool 😎

jeff malm says:

More cars and less yak yak, faggots….

Jason Tealer says:

Living in Texas where are all these magical $400-$500 5.3 LS motors?? That can't be the complete prices.

BreakfastBois says:

Big ass pimpin

Sublime421 says:

They let Dan out of the garage

roger dodger says:

Is the manual the NV3500? They typically don't stand up to higher HP motors without coming apart.

JonEilertsen (HellsatanX) says:

my car wheel hops like that, it has a tendency to to shake the car so violently that the exhaust has cracked in 4 different places

Glen Ervin says:

When the hell did yall come to bum fuck ARKANSAS? I'm from this shitty state never thought yall did anything here…

Jay Q says:

Need to fix the wheel hop on that thing

Arnold White says:

Home state. ARK is where I stay

DoDoL DoLSONIK 102 201 hee. says:


XReAdEr2 says:

Next project: shitjet

Richard McElligott says:

Oh Jesus…. at 13:24 numbnuts runs like a cheerleader…

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