840HP Dodge Demon 1/4 Mile with Race ECU vs Tesla Model S P100D Drag Racing

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The Demon crate finally came in! We race the Dodge Demon down the 1/4 mile equipped with the race gas ECU, 100 octane fuel, race air filter, skinnies up front and Mickey Thompson tires in the back vs a Tesla Model S P100D Ludicrous. We also had the VBOX in the Demon to record it’s 0-60 and 60-130 times.

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big bob says:

I've seen the Tesla's live, and they all look effeminate and dainty. Almost as bad as a smart car, and the crappy little fiats.

Matthew Kammerer says:

was the guy driving the demon colorblind?

Klunke says:

All these kids mad cause the tesla won LMAO

NedleyMandingo says:

why is Creepy Uncle Joe Biden advertising on my shit?
and he sounds drunk

John Paul Garcia says:

The tri-motor will be released these year

Sammy Rothrock says:

Thats just lame getting dusted by a battery 🔋

Tom Bettis says:

All those mods just to race a stock Tesla 😂😭 Stop playing and just buy a Tesla

Michael King says:

Get a better driver

Clarence Campbell says:

Wait till the Tesla roadster comes out. People about to become rich from street racing. On the Joe Rogan show Elon musk said that the base Tesla roadster will do 0 to 60 in 1.9 seconds so just imagine what the top-of-the-line model would do

Dimce Gligorov says:

Should i still say something about the Demon driver ???
I will…
The Demon driver sucks ass!!

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