9ff GT9-R in detail by Jan Fatthauer: 1120 HP and first example to customer

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9ff GT9-R in detail by Jan Fatthauer: first example to customer

The GT9-R is limited on 20 pieces worldwide. Each car which leaves our company after several tests will be unique, like their owners. The customer has the choice to create his GT9-R on his own preferences. The Exterieur Design is adjustable to the performance of the car. It is available as a topspeed performance or a track performance model. We offer several aerodynamic solutions for matching the performance of the car best to the customer.

Mid Engine Concept
4.0 – 6 cylinder Boxer engine
0-100 km/h in 2.9 seconds
0-300 km/h in 15,8 seconds
Topspeed 414 km/h

The GT9-R starts with a 750 HP kit which is good for a maximum speed of 380 kmph and an accelerationtime from 0-300 in 20 seconds and optimized for trackperformance. The second stage of 987 HP has build for track performance and also a Highspeed racer which reaches 409 kmph and accelerates in 17 seconds from 0-300 kmph. The third stage is the ultimate driving machine. With its 1120 HP it hits a Topspeed of 414 kmph and goes from standing to 300 in only 15.8 seconds.

Best technology for the best performance. The GT9-R is a lightweight car which has only one target – best performance in every situation. A lightweight construction combined with an
engine which contains the know how of 7 years in developing turbo engines gives the car the
ability to be the most exclusive streetlegal car in the world.
The gear can be ordered in 3 different types
• 6 speed manual
• 6 speed sequential
• 5 speed Tiptronic (only in combination with 750 HP)


HenryJaques says:

strange mix of Porsche parts … I see 997 , 996 and boxster/cayman parts

Oo oO says:

And a rich white driver needs to buy a bus pass cause we cant jump let alone drive.

Stupid Flanders says:

I appreciate your reply (on a year-old comment), but I still don't get it. Why f's and not t's or l's? Does that particular letter signify anything?

xXPwnK1ngXx says:

9ff refers to the name of a porsche, the 911. 911~9ff

John Cayman says:

shame that the shifter is gone

Senkol Z says:

@legr8est1234 the ff possibly mean(fucking fast)

julianlee2 says:

oh great this car is going to china.

GTBOARD.com says:

@VonCrakenfart McLaren F1 used it whne there was no Veyron so why not Koenigsegg?

Ive asked Piech and he said no 🙁

Von Crackenfart says:


Ehra Leissen is a private track owned by VW soo why woud they let anyone there? They bougth it to teste there cars other company have there tracks too, if you dont have thats your problem deal with it.

I buy them i let the other in so they can make better cars was good or better them my cars wheres the logic in that?

Von Crackenfart says:

@krwl1000 Sorry but noo the number tell the story it was no low rpm power and no grip a low speed to get all that power down thats why on normal drag races it gets he's ass kiked, 1120 hp are no good when you only have that on the red line limiter

krwl1000 says:

top gear = no real comparison, its arranged just for show

PorscheBulgaria says:

Reminds me of the 1996 and 1997 Porsche 911 GT1's.

Von Crackenfart says:

1120 HP but only at 8000 rpm and red line at 8200 sorry but thats stupid this car can be putted to shame by any 800 hp car that was all the power avaliable from mide rang rpm to high end. this is why the ATOM won a drag race that they did vs this on top gear. no power on low rpm or down force to get power onto the road

Ray P says:

@primustig a sales man will be able to answer 5% of the questions asked by Gustav

Stupid Flanders says:

@lynette1953 It took me no longer than two minutes.

But I have a life, so I wasn't stuck to the computer waiting for your reply, which is why I didn't get back to you as soon as you posted your reply.

Stupid Flanders says:

@lynette1953 I'm pretty sure I wasn't the loser ranting about China, Germany, and Nazis on a car video. Plus, I rightfully flagged you because your comment was irrelevant spam. You, however, wanted to let it be known that you flagged McLarenMercedes for a coherent reply to your comment.

Out of the two of us, do you really think I come across as the troll/loser, as opposed to the guy who uses words like "lame ass fagaloid" and spams car videos?

Set your traps elsewhere, troll.

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