As fast as Hellcat ?? 2018 Jeep Trackhawk vs Hellcat Challenger – drag race

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2018 jeep grand cherokee trackhawk vs Hellcat Challenger in 1/4 mile drag race.Top speed ,acceleration of new 2018 jeep grand cherokee trackhawk.


Tim Reeves says:

Just today I had a HellCat pull up next to me at a red light and revved his engine while I was idling. I drive a 2019 Mustang GT performance pack 2 which outwardly looks bone stock. I am Heavily modified… 3.0 whipple gen 5 phase 2 supercharger, id1300 fuel injectors, 150mm intake, oversized heat exchanger, 10 rib pulley upgrade, kooks 3” off road headers teamed with Corsa extreme catback tuned by palm beach Dyno 825hp at the crank 730 hp to the wheels.He had no clue he was about to get his ass handed to him with his girl in the font seat…. light turns green his “oh shit” face in the rear view mirror was priceless 🤪🤪 never judge a book by the cover is today’s lesson😂😂😂

leonel Oate says:

RWD launched harder than AWD. Nice

Leo J. says:

And plenty of room for 5!👩‍👧‍👧👨‍👦

NoFat Chxx says:

I see all these charger comments 😄😄shouldn't even comment if you cant tell that's a challenger

austin fisk says:

Why do the sxt challengers have an all wheel drive model but the hellcat doesn’t?

East Richmond says:

Why haven't they beefed up the durango

Burpo Stockings says:

Damn, that Jeep launch made me have to rewind the video. Insane.

Lenore J Greed says:

I want one!

MonsterHMK says:

"Almost as fast as the hellcat?"
They have the same engines, I wonder why

Astral Nemix says:

I'll take the jeep! Also good for transporting my section D's… If you know, you know. 👍

Demonhunter14 says:

Damn if the trackhawk wasn't sleeping that would have been close as hell

[ Pasha1246 ] says:

Well, they technically have the same engine

Randy Lahey says:

i want whatever drug the SRT boys on

lil hotdog says:

But… but why? 🤦🏽

Arya M says:

Imagine if they made a sedan track hawk. It kept up with the hellcat and weighs 5000 pounds. Just imagine

biggshig says:

Can't go wrong with either one bcuz they're both from the same bloodline, which brings us to this…"Dodge, the brotherhood of muscle"

Elijah [REDACTED] says:


Free Spirit Transport says:

Wow!!! Impressive Jeep. Bet that hellcat stays on the side of the road when the trail starts!!!

I like tocamp says:

Both vehicles are impressive!!!

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