Asphalt 8 : Zenvo TS1 GT 10th Anniversary (UPGRADE COST, PRO KIT, MASTERY REWARD & OTHER INFO)

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Asphalt 8 Attacker says:

Please don't see my Test Drive of this car! 🙄😳🤪🌷🤪😳🙄 u might laugh at my funny 360°

chandan verma says:

When Mercedes Benz slk 55 AMG special edition event will come?

Dhad 99 says:


Nitrox 16 3D says:

Gracias por la información amigo 🙂

Eser Bakırcı says:

Thanks man

AceRay 24 says:

1 million for top speed max? no thanks

Harold Adano says:

Too much v8 mid tech advanced tech and credits. I will play it for farming tokens and V8, im gonna keep may prizes for the future because this car is useless.I don’t care if I didn’t unlock the car.

Nehal Randive says:

It's the new farming king..

Peh Yeehung says:

Am I dreaming ?! No token upgrades ?!?!?!

Grom 09 says:

I'm gonna try the r&d but to win it… I'm not farming 3-4 million credits for that, no thank you 😀
Besides, I don't have enough engines for that thing

Malang Shaikh says:

When it will come

Fury_ SuperLM says:

Thanks vor the video! Can you do this for the Rezvani?

McChizen says:

Can you do about the rezvani pls I’m farming for it and I want to see if I need to farm more

Daddy๛ Pankuu says:

4 m credit WTF i not win this

Yousuf's Duplicitous Assertion says:

wut the hekk three million max upgrades

emilio ramirez says:

Great video & info man, thanks for that. Fucking gl is making us all spend our tokens to buy engines boxes, and upgrade max . This is for all of us who are loyal players not hacks. I'm subscribed to you channel because regardless you hack the game, you provide with great info about new updates and cars👍

Khoo HK says:

Xpensive upgrade to max!!

ArN_ GvLego says:

3000000 credits just for maxing. im not even care about this crap

Hazza says:

56 V8 Engines👽🔫

EXOTICTM Gaming YT says:

do test drive Zenvo TS1

Sarkar Hamed says:

Can you add (Multiplayer tune speed) at last section of video?

Mystic says:

Of course a like 👍

Elabed Ahmed Yassine says:

Ur reviews r AMAZING👌👌👌👍👍👍

manuel velasquez sinta says:


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