Asphalt 9: Zenvo TS1 GT Anniversary Versus

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In one of the most competitive Versus challenges yet, SuperSonic S.G takes on RpM Feuerrm in the Zenvo TS1 GT Anniversary. Can you guess who will win? Play Asphalt 9:

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[404] Asky says:

RpM powaaaa 🔥🔥💪

Álvaro A. Lorite says:

They just had to push 2 buttons…

Aphuranta Boruah says:

Asphalt 9 is not legend only but also the developers are legend👍👍

Mandar Nichit says:

Supersonic S.G. will definitely get more subs for his verses battle

Calvin says:

Good race but I wanna know if data from my android be transferred to my iOS by any means cause my android is damaged and I can’t play

Axel Ross Suyo says:

Close only by .3 or .4 seconds.

Rosa Garcia says:


Trion Tyrese says:

GG guys.
You guys are both very skillful players.

Garrett Nawrocki says:

Yay feuerrm!!

Storm says:

Who know which soundtrack plays in this video?

OrangeDoodles_ says:

Feuerrm win the race in illegal way


T-THEK BZH says:

GG plus un like👍

Fred Yi says:

Good lap Feuerrm!

Gone Gaming says:

U a beast feuerrm you beat hotdawg as well

MumdaCizBiz Ciger says:

We can not watch ads in PC

W Syafiq Suhaimi says:

Background music title?

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