Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Volante: Road Review | Carfection 4K

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Henry Catchpole drives the new Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Volante on the road in Spain.

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‘Sometimes numbers really don’t matter. Say, when the roof’s down in the Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Volante, warm Spanish air gently tousling your hair, V12 soundtrack overlaid in your head with Matt Munro’s “On Days Like These…”

At a semi-hypothetical time like this, for example, a 0-62 mile-per-hour acceleration figure and how it compares to another car’s 0-62-mph figure simply isn’t important. As long as the car has enough torsional rigidity, then precisely how much it has is of no concern. And will you be worried as you sweep through the Catalan countryside that you’re in a car with six pounds less downforce? I just don’t think you will.’

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Metati Masubelele says:

I honestly fail to see why carfection doesn't have a million+ subscribers already. Best automotive channel period.

Suhas Partha says:

Beautiful car

Douglas Ladowski says:

If it came with a manual box it would be great but that faux manual really puts it in poser dept.

alireza hosseinmardi says:

like for the filming, NOT the car!

Michael Brown says:

The Wolverine meets Librarian strums again the right chord.

Shawn Cowan says:

Seriously.. We need to do away with soft tops. There is enough tech out there and lightweight materials there should not be a need especially in a car this size.

Princess Peach says:

1,863KGs? #fail

Michel Salsi says:

Henry is just the best writer and narrator out there.

glbernini0 says:

How is that a 2 ton car? I've had pick ups that were lighter! How is 2 tons superlight? Ever heard of a Miata?

Noah Walsh says:

Omg! It’s a new Z4 Roadster! XD

Vareos Potshoterzz says:

best looking Aston Martin EVER

First Last says:

Ahh too long but lovely car for sure

Genious Zishiri says:

Why does the back look like a jaguar f type

Truth Snack says:

not flying_ FLYER

Senshi Bat says:

superior California poppy stitch, and beo audio set up a better boot.. [ref clarksons small jam lampoon of the f-type] more additional +2 for shopping swag bags – dangerously loosing Aston look to put so many MB bits and bobs in/ so to the engineers stylize and surround them with something more unique to the brand?

AME says:

Aston Miata

Feb seven says:

Beautiful car to eyes and drive …… I will get one soon if God willing…. Love them

Christophe Laurent says:

why have they presented the dsb volante so quickly and nothing about the vantage?

BlackWind says:

Holy mother of god this car is gorgeous!!!

Tbone Touch Hadebe says:

Only cause you didn't start it up and give it a little rev before going. Will thumbs up next time. Lekker.

Thomas Elliott says:

This guy never quite makes it as a reviewer.

Jeff S says:

So many companies are copying Porsche's tail lights. From the back, this car looks identical to a 911 convertible.

keruamg says:

My goodness, what a well put together piece of cinematography and motoring journalism. Thanks for creating art…

kay poly says:

Tacky wheels, looks like a knock off version.

pollumG says:

Henry's reviews. 10/10🔥

Bill Dexhart says:

I only need to listen to the old DBS for 30 seconds why I prefer it.

Besides, I think these new generation Astons are ludicrously expensive.
Let us remind ourselves that the DB9 started at 155.000 USD and the Vantage was just 110.000 USD. The DB11 is 205.000 USD now and the Vantage is now 150.000 USD.

freudsigmund72 says:

stunningly beautiful car… but what blind bat ordered a convertible with black leather seats (and then decide it is a good idea to drive it in Spain in summer???)

Mithras says:

I just wish Aston Martin would sort out the interiors

fedebenavides says:

Nice review but the contrast in the color grading of the video is just way too much, looks too fake. Tell your editor to chill with that slider.


Terrible review 😒 Learned nothing about this car except the color

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