Aston Martin DBS Vs 812 Superfast – THE VERDICT

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Aston Martin DBS Vs 812 Superfast – THE VERDICT

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This week, part two of the ultimate Aston Martin DBS Superleggera review.

Having collected the car from the factory in Gaydon, TheCarGuys now get to grips with it over 840 glorious British miles.

This has been a contender for the TheCarGuys garage since the DBS’s launch in June 2018, and with reviews of the 812 and Continental now complete, Damian and Jason are at last able to rate this new Aston against the best from Maranello and Crewe.

What’s it like compared to the Ferrari 812 Superfast and the Bentley Continental GT? Can you really over look that dated interior? Is it really as fast as a Superfast? All these questions and more will be answered in this week’s episode.

Created by two ordinary guys with an obsession for cars, is a digital channel that celebrates everything automotive – supercars, classics, quirky, hidden gems and those in the TCG garage.

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Regular episodes include: Real World Tests, Car Buying Challenges, Meet Your Heroes, This Week’s Rant and Top 5s.

In this episode, Mr Taylor is wearing a Tudor Black Bay Harrods Edition ref 79230G. Mr Butt is wearing a Rolex Submariner ref 114060.

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Jason Taylor

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Gary Hunt says:

All the craps about the interior and the AMG system is simply of no relevance …
the DBS superleggera is worth whatever it takes to have….

John Reid says:

I can respect this review. I would have preferred that Aston Martin made the infotainment more distinguishable than their other products. Nonetheless however beautiful car but very close in value to the Ferrari.

FIVE D says:

I can only buy one and still cant decide.

Akid Story says:

Why use Superleggera whiches itàlian word. That word not british at all

adam lappin says:

all 3 would be my dream, the bentley as a daily driver, a dbs volante for for sunny days and the 812 for occasions….I don't think the bentley is in the same category as the other two…

Michael Teret says:

Are you serious?! 812, no question.

Paulo Barros says:

the 812 has nothing to fear…. no other car matches that V12 and thats what you pay for, the engine!!!

Andre S. says:

If only the DBS has a Bentley or Rolls Royce style interior everything will be much better

Gary Hunt says:

staunchly refusing to be merged, tormenting fans with this hideously mismatched handsome look and heinous interiors! Must be run by very twisted souls….

Saiprasad Magar says:

Aston Martin is 😍

treehouse722 says:

Very nice vid, lads. One of your best.

Paul Taylor says:

Finikerty is a perfectly good word. Go for it.

JB says:

I totally agree on loosing the backseats …on any car like the DBS and 911´s. Makes NO sense to keep those back seats.
What are they thinking???

Speed Demon Games says:

There’s no competition. 812 obviously is better.

mark jones says:

Aston Martin totally unopposed

Obi-Wan Kannabis says:

I look at teh DB11/ new DBS and I just feel like they made a mess of the DB9's simplicity. Plus they turbocharged the engines which just takes away from what they used to be. Give me the Ferrari every day of the week. Hopefully Aston Martin finds their purpose in life again. The car is cool but it's not what it should be.

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