Aston Martin Valkyrie AM-RB 001: Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing Hypercar – Carfection

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Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing have teamed up to make a road car that will possibly be faster than an LMP1 car.

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Richard Thomas says:

No guy, just super car, those other terminologies like mega car, hyper car or ultra car is bullshit & not a real description, just some extra made up bullshit british words

Solomon Beazer says:

What is the song at the beginning please? (goes all the way to 3:10, but can't get it because of the talking!)

IR L3THUL says:

will it beat regera ?

speedometer111 says:

You just know that if Clarkson reviews this car, he would ramble on about how great British engineering is and how Britain is the best at everything. Kinda like when he reviewed the P1.

torbinzix1 says:

the guy commenting reminds me of that dick in peep show, Mark torn him a new one at Jez's bookclub…

brad m says:

Shook my piggy bank and its empty. Don't think I'm getting this car

breguet101 says:

Isn't the name Nebula? Is that the final name?

Firebrand says:

C'mon… its a prototype race car whose only association with Aston Martin is that it has green paint and the wings slapped on it. It's not really a road car, even if they manage to make it road legal with a set of indicators… and the track versions are unrestricted, which means they can't be entered into any homologated series… what use is a track car that can't compete? lol
This is more of a marketing/publicity exercise than two companies coming together to make a great product. Sad thing is, I love Aston and F1's engineers… this doesn't show case either of them.

Ryan Oros says:

Affording one would be way more attainable than trying to fit into one this thing should only have one seat there is not enough room for two seats, that being said it is one bad a*s looking machine look's fast sitting still.

Adony Estimon says:

Aston Martin: "let's build the most badass car on the market, but it has to have the shittiest headlight design possible"

Ronald Hess says:

it's probably gonna be electric

Patrick Mendy says:

just make a Road legal Vulcan please! I am an Adrian fan and i am amazed by what he did in F1, but on that one, nope.

Tod Olusola says:

ultracar much, if you don't like the look of the Nebula, keep looking at it every now again and you will.

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