Aston Martin Valkyrie : Geneva Motor Show : PowerDrift

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The Aston Martin Valkyrie is co-developed with Red Bull and codenamed as the AM-RB 001. It’s powered by a 6.5-litre naturally aspirated V12 Cosworth engine and an electric motor, and has a power-to-ratio that’s very close to 1:1; something that makes you feel like you’re chosen by the Gods themselves.
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RAHUL King says:

this channel lacks the subscriber big time

Rahul Gawade says:

Unique in the all other cars!!!!! but Bugatti is like leagend in all !!!!!!

Ishank Gupta says:

Its a hand crafted rocket!!!!

SaGaR V says:

look so fast

Mehul Kapoor says:

Definitely a showstopper!!!
No words to express this beauty.
Thanks #Powerdrift for all the Geneva Motor Show videos for all us enthusiasts here in India.


awesome car

Premkumar Alexis Jegannathan says:

1000 horses.? sounds like an army to me.. 🙂

Varun Panchal says:

As a person I think is beautiful.
But as a Indian, I don't like UK created materials! ?
Coz Aston Martin is a British company.

Anurag Rathore says:

Indian Roads. ??

Bala Abinesh says:

Was there Ford GT that with carbon fiber material.Did you check it out.?If possible post a video for it @Powerdrift

Aniket Suryawanshi says:

you're killing me slowly…..what a beauty!?

Chevvakula Srikanth says:


palaniyappan kannan says:

wtf…..even before production it's sold out

jsk303 says:

I like it ???

nishu khandekar says:

what a car beautiful.thanks for covering it.and the most amazing part is it is already soldout before going into production!!!super….

Anurag Bhattacharya says:

Add some wings to it & it looks like it can double up as a spaceship ? with that design & engine ?


This car is so not Aston Martin like!! Doesn't look real at all!! ??

Suraj Gouda says:

wait is that a aston martin or a pagani : )

sangeeth priyan says:

Aston martin has done their perfect aerodynamics design in this beast….????

A Dog says:

can you please make a review on Benelli 600i ABS… ???? i really need it

Saptarshi Bhattacharjee says:

This is pure ecstasy.

naveen venugopal says:

At its first glance, it looks as if pagani has put some weight and muscle but Aston Martin slowly slowly unfolds its hybrid between F1 & track car. The under body diffuser and aero looks incredibly stunning plus the 1:One design seemingly adds up more to it! Just WOW ! Thank You #PDArmy for covering this beast up!

Arundas Yesudas says:

power to weight ratio 1.1???? ………

Zaid Mohamed says:

Doesn't the rear look like the Chiron?


its a very beautiful car thnx powerdrift but i think that superfast looks better

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