Bentley Continental GT Convertible review – see how quick it can go TOPLESS!

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Here we have the Bentley Continental GT convertible – the fastest four-seat convertible IN THE WORLD! With the top-of-the-range model hiding a 6-litre W12 under the bonnet, it can reach an incredible top speed of 207mph! As you’d expect, this all-conquering grand tourer is going to burn a rather large hole in your pocket, with the price starting at £169,000… And that’s just for the V8! Want to treat yourself to the W12? Then that’ll set you back £182,000. But let’s face it – if you could even afford a Bentley, you’re probably going to end up spending far more on some extras, aren’t you?! For the rest of us, there’s just one question we need to answer. Is this the greatest grand tourer EVER?! Join Mat as he finds out!

00:00 Intro
00:30 Price
00:56 Engines
01:31 0-60mph
02:16 Brakes
03:45 Drivetrain
05:31 Country Road Driving
06:41 Drifting
07:09 Exterior Design
08:40 Roof
09:12 Interior Design
10:15 Back Seats
11:00 Boot
12:10 Annoying Features
15:09 Good Features
17:24 Infotainment System
19:10 Practicality
20:04 Trim Options
21:10 Daily Driving
22:37 Verdict

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carwow says:

What do you think – is this the greatest grand tourer in the world? LIKE this comment if you agree, or COMMENT with what you'd choose instead!

Archie Wei says:

Look at this VW, pretty good looking.

Neil M says:

This is silly hahhahah

Kelsey Orr says:


Mystkal Diamond says:

A fucking q2 steering wheel really wtff bentley

E C says:

But can I save 3,600?

Mveledzo Tshishonga says:

Dang 2002 Watts. I was happy with my 4 speakers 320 watts on my 2005 Isuzu which cost like 500 quid 💔💀🚶🏾‍♂️

Sandy Telfer says:




Hassan Alajmi says:

A british speaker trying to be a British speaker.

Ahmed Ali says:

Literally nobody:
Matt: I'm obsessed with my beautiful timing gear😂😂

jiminycricketsmate says:

Wasn’t expecting that at 6:05 but touché nonetheless

Boydie Dj says:

“It’s like having a bigger dick!!!!!” Lol Another awesome review. Personally I don’t get these cars. I can’t look at someone driving one without thinking Tosser. Unless ( sorry) it’s a female , then I think classy lady. Sorry if that’s a bit sexist . Not for me I’m afraid

Rashad says:

Very cheap commercial video for Bentley! Come On Carwow !!!

佐原まさつ says:


Olvin Pilusa says:

Pizza or salad

mailgames maulana says:

when it will rain, hurry and go home

Samuel Horváth says:

Those drag races are… well, a bit boring. I would prefer seeing those cars on track, thats better performance examination.

Kiruba Shankar says:

I just dont understand why people buy these cars even though their designs are crap.

atmosphericboy says:

Should I consider it? I hope she consider me.

xmyakaxxm says:

I prefer your old videos. You are trying to hard to be funny now

Bentley Toussaint says:

Ever since I saw this I have wanted this car to bad I’m broke

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