Bentley Continental GT vs Jaguar I-Pace – DRAG RACE, ROLLING RACE & BRAKE TEST

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We’re going petrol vs electric for our latest test! First up we’ve got the Bentley Continental GT, packing a 6-litre W12 engine with 635hp & all-wheel drive. Alongside it comes the I-Pace, which also comes with all-wheel drive thanks to the two electric motors sat underneath the bonnet. Will new-age electric make a dent in traditional petrol power? There’s only one way to find out… Let’s race!

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Cash Bonanza says:

here's another test

Tyler Smith says:

Bentley can never fail on interiors and is the best in the business. Stunning as always

PTE 2509 says:

How much more did the Bentley cost. says:

Hmmm.. Bentley $550K, I-Pace $150K. Tough choice…. Guess what? I test drove the I-pace and ordered one on the spot! Now waiting for delivery in August. Meanwhile, I am making weekly videos about the I-Pace here in Australia.

Shalom Kiama says:

635 horsepower + 900Nm Vs
400 horsepower + 700Nm
With almost the same weight ❗
Not fair at all.

Mohammad Azir says:

Continental speed is limited to only 220?

Upender Dhull says:

Bentley is indeed enchanting but jag's front is also awesome

moses ezean says:

Love the Bentley!

Kiko Vasarietis says:

bently 340 km/h

Oskar Dix says:

Please do another drag race video with the Bentley against and AMG GT R as 0-60 stats are same and it wiould be very close!

Labinot Fazliu says:

Make a race between m850 or m6 vs this bentley please

BlueMoonPanther says:

Come on … race it against the Tesla … Now i don't see your smile 😀 hhhhh

Abdullah Al-Essa says:

come on it's unfair race for Bentley she's powerful than Jaguar I-pace

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