BUGATTI Chiron breaks through magic 300mph barrier

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Watch BUGATTI chief pilot Andy Wallace’s World Record run!
Final speed: 304.77mph / 490.48 kph.


Abdurrahman Ozdemir says:

!!!!like!like!like!like!like!!!! ❤

Giles Benham says:

Since the grain of the tarmac was facing in one direction so it was unsafe to go the other direction supposedly, does that mean that the cars tyres would have less resistance driving in the direction with the grain of the road? Meaning that the Bugatti could go even faster

Razormarks says:

Imagine hitting something at 300mph? All you see (although be it barely) is NYOOOOM, SPLAT!!! and there you go, your car has a new fresh coat of red paint

Anghe says:

The camera man is Barry Allen

ninetyyz says:

Why your here

A̶ ̶L̶ ̶O̶ ̶N̶ ̶E̶ says:

Bugatti hits 304.77 mph

Every gta cop car ever: Ha! Ameture

Samkit Vortex says:

I also want this kind of speed in PubG to Stole the air drop 🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣


Took yall long enough its gonna be devel 16 or kons or hennesy buggatie takes the cake right now ♡♤


Yall already bout too lose

Michael says:

All this for a rapper to get head in it 😂


According to my calculations the only possible way of actually recording the Bugatti was to use a Supra! 😂

Aditya P says:

An insane machine indeed

Aditya P says:

This is a tribute to the scientists, engineers and visionaries who dreamed of these sort of achievements but didn't get to see because of limited resources but passed on the knowledge hoping that someday someone would be able to……..

Reymon Ruiz Reyes says:

Bugatti – Chiron: 304.77 MPH
Cameraman : 304.77 / 700 Mph

Simon Chap says:

I saw this post on Reddit and he said “oh. The Bugatti that apparently hit 300+ is actually flying

Voltrix Games says:

If only people would do this to pick up litter and clean up our planet lol

Ganesh Rajgurav says:

I just love ❤ this Car

Keane Muffin99 says:

Looks like centodieci modified

Leandro Costa says:

Esse Vídeo é Fake, Pq Esse Carro Pesa umas 2 Toneladas e Aumentar 100 Cavalos a Mais Não Faria Tanta Diferença Assim. W16 é minha Rola.

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