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The first ever video covering driving impressions of the Bugatti Chiron is here!

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Titan Mechanism says:

I quite liked the facelifted Veyron, but when the Agera came out, that was my top choice hypercar. And i laughed at Bugatti when they proudly came out with the worlds quickest 0-400-0 time and Koenigsegg kicked their asses shortly afterwards. But now that i'm older, i get it. The Chiron is just the more sophisticated car, it's easier to live with and reliable like a Golf. If i had a couple million bucks to spend on such a car, i would buy a Chiron. But if money was no object, i would buy a Agera RS as well, just to mess with the snooty guys at the Bugatti club 😉

Susana Martinez says:

Adoro el Bugatti Chiron, tiene todo lo que se pueda imaginar en un coche, potencia,diseño, es una verdadera obra de arquitectura.ES SUBLIME

Douglas Ladowski says:

Engineering wise great but otherwise nothing special

Pedro Luiz says:

Belissmas imagens,parabens.

Olivier Martin says:

It takes them fucking 16 cylinders to develop fucking 1500 hp whereas Ferrari and McLaren just need half those cylinders to develop near this power (1200 hp), it makes this car way to heavy to go around corners

Stigs Aussie Cousin says:

There are no straights in this thing you get from one corner and your at the next in mileseconds and they did all of that in a luxury style unlike keonigsegg who have never heard of the words luxury, rolls or Royce unlike Bugatti this is a rolls Royce with 260mph top speed

Toby Clegg says:

i don't even need to read the negative comments… i'm just gonna sum it up for anyone that doesn't get it… we do not want to hear a yank talking about amazing cars, the end. there, that wasn't tricky was it?

haroo86 says:

When do you need to replace the tyres? Is it every 30k?

Philly Phil says:

2:19 – sounds surprisingly good, much better than expected.

Raman Prasad Shorhiya says:

This car is awesome

GreaseMonkey says:

whats up Ben affleck

nobody really says:

The symphony is in the back? I have a Rigid wet/dry vac that is on it's last leg. It sounds just like this exhaust. Don't get me wrong, it's a beast of a car, but don't try to fool yourself into believeing that it sounds ANYTHING like a Pagani Zonda. THAT is a symphonic exhaust note.

Paul Thomson says:

I don’t like it

ShotsFired andMissed says:

so what about the mpg?

Sasha Z says:

did anyone else watch this 2:20 part more than seven times?

DoubleDeckerAnton says:

Where next?
1800 bhp?

Mike says:

Wtf is a sherone?

Cavallino Rampante says:

This guy sounds like Hoovie.

Xaoc Xaoc says:

I'm sorry but this review lacks spirit/soul. Stating numbers, giving cool light shots and showing 2 accelerations is not the kind of review this car deserves.

Duplexzity says:

This deserves to be in the road instead of being trapped in a garage

Ethan Miller says:

The most bonkers car produced and you guys balls up the review? ………

Nikola Dietmar Krapp says:

if i was in the market for such a car, i'd rather buy a Koenigsegg. it's faster, it looks better (in my opinion at least) uses more advanced technology, is rearwheeldrive (which i prefer) and lighter.

Thanagesan 1020 says:

I like bugati

MyMMC says:

i never was a bugatti fan (except the really old ones) but i was in munich and ffound the bugatti store. (i didn't even know they had stores) and i saw the chiron with my own eyes. and was even allowed to sit in it. They guy working there is awesome. but the car in live… it looks just so much better then on video. and litteraly everything inside and outside of the car is perfect. i would daily that car. they say it is like a golf if you want.

tfs2O3 says:

There is a black Chiron for sale at Romans International for £3.6M

MVRIO says:

If I'd have 10Mil€ I wouldnt buy a Chiron for sure.

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