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It’s Bugatti time! You already know the Veyron and Chiron, but did you know Bugatti’s history goes back over 100 years? Join James as he explores Bugatti, from Ettore Buggati’s Type 1, to the legendary Type 35 race car, the EB110 supercar, Veyron, Chiron, and beyond!

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Donut Media says:

I'll say it, the EB110 Would have been better with pop up headlights

Mr. Me says:

The newest Bugatti car was a reminder that the damn EB110 existed

William Weeldreyer says:

Can’t get over that pagani though

Mig Teix says:

It makes today  478 312,11 €

524792,09 U.S. dollars

theJman says:

The Bugatti Chiron broke 300 mph on August 2nd. This video was uploaded on August 1st. The track in Germany is 9 hours ahead of California. If this video was uploaded anytime after 3:00 pm on August 1st in California it would be uploaded on August 2nd in Germany, the same day the Bugatti Chiron broke 300 mph.

Jack T says:

You need to make this video again since the Chiron broke 300

George says:

Egg Fans take notes for the History of Buggati

John Cosico says:

@donut media @jamespumphrey 12:30

70,000 francs in 1932 is 31,249,690.44 francs as of 09/03/2019! That’s crazy!

Romain Sandt says:

700 000 F is 455 000 € without inflation. Or 498 127,17 $… A lot at the the time, not that much in the car Market today. It's a Phantom.

Alin-Constantin Paun says:

Almost 300mph…. Well not anymore 🙂

100,000 Subscribers With No Videos Challenge says:

bugatti has now gone over 300mph!

Ian Rankin says:

Correction that do hit 300 mph!

Black Panther X says:

The Bugatti just broke the world record of 304.77 mph or 490 kmph with the chiron super sports 👌💯👍👍👍😎

CONTROL123 Blitz says:

Who’s here after they broke 300mph?

Eli Marburger says:

Now it is over 300 mph

Dovid Rosenberg says:

They go 304 mph now

Brad Dunn says:

I'm sorry, how'd he pronounce chiron? 😂

Hysandel says:

7:14 "Bonjour Bebe, Je M'appele BLACK BESS"

Roj Jabrael says:

"French company name with Italian name Wich started in Germany"james man you are A really good example of funny videos

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