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Top Gear can exclusively reveal that Bugatti has smashed through the 300mph barrier. On 2 August 2019, Andy Wallace hit a vmax of 304.77mph in a pre-production vehicle of a new Bugatti Chiron derivative at Ehra-Lessien, becoming the first hypercar to break 300mph.

The velocity is verified by the TÜV – Germany’s Technical Inspection Association – meaning Andy and the prototype Chiron supersede previous really, really fast runs from SSC (256.18mph two-way average, 2007), Hennessey (270.49mph two-way average, 2013) and Koenigsegg (284.55 vmax, 277.87 two-way average, 2017) as well as punching through the mythical 300mph target.

For full details on this incredible engineering feat and the special Chiron that made the run, head to

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sabatoa79 says:

Would have hit 305 if Captain Slow was driving. Just sayin

Andisa Phuthumani Magopeni says:

I want Captain Slow to do a high speed test in this as well……..

Joseph Hausser says:

Meanwhile John Hennessey is in a dark room somewhere with a glass of scotch and a tiny tear coming out of his eye.

Faiz Izz says:

And it's fully booked by Dubai cops.

iccabobb says:

nice and straight, perfect driving, very impressive.

M3galodon says:

I drive a low end luxury sports car. This Chiron accelerated past 400km/h at the same rate my car accelerates past 100km/h.

Vitalij Letko says:

It would take 2,235,388 Bugatti’s traveling collectively 300 mph to reach the speed of light. Still kinda slow.

Shada says:

I just love imagining being on the freeway going 60. How I would react if some guy flew by at 300

Эндуро 31 says:


Jaz Jones says:

An engineering super marvel!

sullspots says:

Before you criticize Bugatti walk a mile in their shoes…….it’ll only take 12 seconds 😂

David Nguyen says:

It sad without the 3 people from the old times in top gear not showing up nowadays

Shruekazal says:

Oh boy, Koenigsegg is gonna have an all out war with Bugatti now

illdoyouhere says:

I'll take three.

carlosmenjivar308 says:

Let's see what John Hennessey has to say about this

sharq 67 says:

The paint job looks more of a mustang

shifterdude647 says:

Your speedometer is in Kmph but you post everything including on your title in Mph… what a joke. Also you realize the majority of people including your viewers use Kmph!

Karl says:

Had my Corsa up to this speed after I fitted a K&N

Machine Gun Haylift says:

Next week on top gear:

400mph Supra is here

88Turbo88 says:

This is simply amazing German engineering

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