Bugatti Veyron CHASE! R8 V10 Spyder left behind…

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My Audi R8 V10 Spyder was no match for the Bugatti Veyron but made for a hugely enjoyable drive!

At last week’s The Supercar Kids’ event, Jay Broom (aka JayKayBi) offered the chance to spend the day with something rather special, a Bugatti Veyron!

And not just any Veyron, the 16.4 Coupe belonging to Lord Pembroke of Wilton House, home of the annual Wilton Classic and Supercars event, one of my personal favourite events in the annual car calendar taking place each August.

Wilton is also home to the soon to commence ‘Wilton Wakeup’ events, kicking off in spring 2013 they will be Sunday morning gatherings for car nuts in the West of England, more information is to follow on that front!

The Veyron itself is wrapped in a Gulf-inspired livery, created by radio-controlled-car painter Ian Cook of PopBangColour and placed on the car to promote the Wilton Classic and Supercars event.

A Quicksilver Sports Exhaust system is also installed in the Bugatti, giving it extra noise; an area the car is often criticised. The sound it made on first start from cold certainly took me by surprise!

Thanks for watching, Tim



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Camera: Sony CX700


William Estrada says:


Синият хикс Синият хикс says:

R8 ko kat men ebb doses kmh350

Dochi Dicos says:

idiot thing the car looks pretty

Ahmad Saufi says:

Wow that so amazing

A P Developments says:

Now scrap that crap R8 and get yourself a real supercar. Preferably Lamborghini v12 upwards.

Morris Anderson says:

My goodness what a pad,, take that any day over the car,, an any young woman would to,, love the car all the same,, not the colour scheme though,,

Chris Drummond says:

I met a 4 year old boy who told me he likes Bugattis. When I was 4, I didn't know a Bugati existed.His mother said yeah he loves cars and trucks.

Peter Lee says:

V10 U picket on the Wrong Car 2 Play With ?

Nate Dunn says:

"The stunning Bugatti Veyron!"….in a crappy paint job. ROFL!

bonkers 1 says:

Blank the fuckin number plate !

The Mask says:

Racing on public roads is foolish. But if you are, then this is not to bad. No weaving around traffic. But never never on tree lined, a bit of oil and it's all over

its-me says:

Keep ur car I'll stick with my old banger it still gets me from A 2 B

Lucky Strike says:

Cool to see that Veyron destroys R8 v10 with his hands on Its back. And the R8v10 is no slouch in any way but that Bugatti really is a monster like no other. Thnx for sharing.

Martin James says:

Wrong conditions for driving perfotmance cars fast.. looked too damp and greasy

Richard Banks says:

with this much money why are you putting the public at risk – can you really not afford to drive on a race track?

Hle Jude says:

Afraid of boosting z audi dude

panda44r says:

V10 vs W16? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Like DUH man,..guess who's gonna win.

kevin maxfield says:

Yeah lord's that why we left for America!

Brian MetalHead says:

The wrap on that Veyron looks like a 2y/o ate some crayons then threw up on it.

Peter Smith says:

Both cars speeding well over the limit.

Kenny Luciano says:

Forget crappy Audi

Stephen Hampshire says:

isnt that croft manor from new tomb raider movie

Tommy Welch says:

You got a beautiful home there Shmee ..

Robert Touchstone says:

Yeah lets race on wet pavement!

dahu seventy says:

Too bad Britian's hwy's suck! LOL, not like German autobahns, aaahhhhaaaa, wankers!!!!

Rob Cary says:

you know you have money when you cover the paint job on a $2mil bugatti with a $600 vinyl wrap

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