Bugatti Veyron vs McLaren F1 – Top Gear – BBC

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Take a one-mile stretch of road in Abu Dhabi and the two fastest road-cars in the world and what do you get? The ultimate drag race is the answer as Richard Hammond in a Bugatti Veyron takes on the Stig in a McLaren F1.

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Captpicard says:

Still have the F1 over the Veyron or Chiron, but if I could have all 3🤔🤔

venrexx says:

The interesting thing about drag races is that they aren't accurate. They don't show how fast or how good a car is, they demonstrate the skills of the individual driver. Even if you were to race two of the same car head to head, you would still likely end up with a winner and a loser due to each driver driving differently based on their own skills, reaction times, and reflexes. The only real way to make sure you can be absolutely accurate is to have one guy race the same car 3 times, then average the times, then hop in the second car and do the same, then compare the times, removing the fluctuating variables of different drivers and their differing skills and experience levels altogether, making the results more concrete. Racing a Bugatti vs a McLaren is cool and all, I will be the first to admit that, but it doesn't tell us much. The results could actually be entirely different by just switching each of the drivers to the other cars for all we know.

william cattermoul says:

i dont care if the bugatti is faster, i'd still go with the McLaren

Saurabh V says:

Seat in the middle is a big turn offf

Gutenberg Feliciano says:

Aí que vc ver diferença de anos por mais que Maclaren acelerar bem o motor do Bugatti vai falar mais alto

Alexander says:

That F1 is absolutely beautiful, i'd have it over the Bugatti all day, it's engineering perfection.

Isabelle Davis says:

put them on the race track …..adios , mahalo bugatti ….mclaren forever !!!!!

Tavis Nettleingham says:

I’m pretty sure the Ferrari F40 was the first carbon fibre bodied car


The f1 is the first hypercar

Robert Buglio says:

Bugatti keeps pulling two motors the best and bad ass all in one .

Ijaz Dileep says:

Mclaren f1 greatest car of all times and veyron the beast

Anas Farooqui says:

McLaren will always be a legend what if they had a Pagani.

Zaf Khan says:

Almost 20 years down and the McLaren still kept up with that. McLaren had Non of the tech the veyron has….. Victory to McLaren

Lovzi says:

Родись легенда позже этой бугати она её и близко не подпустила бы.

Cirdna says:

Thank god there were no corners in that if not Richard would have crashed

Alex de jesús Ramírez Irarrázabal says:

so, the fastest car in the world, is faster than other car… big news

黄锦程 says:

时代在不断发展,汽车也一样 所以Veyron注定超越F1,今后也注定有车超越Veyron。这两辆车都代表各自时代汽车工业的最高水准,也都是它们那个时代的经典之作。

Anurag Gautam says:

no matter what car comes the F1 is and will remain the king of production car….. childhood dream car still shinesss like a star

Beau Foster says:

1 like = a single horse power

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