Bugatti Veyron vs Nissan Juke-R

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Timmi Schulz says:

700hp haha???

dino omar says:

Bugatti is not the fastest car in the world the fastest car must be fastest from acceleration….try bugatti vs McLaren 720s,bugattis ass will Get blowed.

Leon Kgatlhane says:

Nissan comes with shit fuck Juke R

jefferson adams says:

dammmmn that nissan juke tookk all my respect. ..

elmexicano drifts says:

The fucking Juke won motherfukers
But i remember i had no respect for the Juke until now

豊田真由子 says:


Sam Caddick Passmore says:

Veyron slowed up

Diego Arechiga says:

Ganó la juke

R Thai says:

Levou benga do Nissan!

RuthlessRoblox Producer says:

The Bugatti didn't win the Nissan Juke slowed down

ʎɯɐᗡ ̇Ԁ says:

0:44 thanks me later

Hendrick says:

at 1:36 you can see a rabbit appear from nowhere lol.

TitanCC says:

Honestly. The Juke looks better in my opinion.

dexta fer says:

Bugatti can do better

Alshandra Aurelya says:

Buggati is suck

Damien Scholten says:

Bugatti hold back at start

LBM Turbo says:


rizal renanda says:

Fak u ugly Bugatti u such ugly i like zenvo st1 that's Bugatti is ugly!!

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