Bugatti Veyron & Zonda F: Stig Laps – Top Gear – BBC

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The Stig is finally granted permission to drive the world’s fastest car, the immense Bugatti Veyron, and the fastest ever Pagani Zonda around the Top Gear test track. Which will be the superior supercar?

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CR says:

I still think the Bugatti is better

Nathan Huit says:

Veron cost $45k for ONE set of tires, that are also glued to the rim and every 3rd set of tires Bugatti makes you replace the rims aswell. Thankfully they changed that with the Chiron so you dont have to glue the tires to the rims. The tire situation is the only reason I'd never buy a Veron if I had the money. Oil changes are also insanely expensive and need take the car apart and drop the engine just to change the oil.

Nathan Huit says:

I'd take any Pagani over the Veron and Chiron any day even if it was 5 seconds slower around the track. They are arguably the best sounding cars ever made and works of art. The engine sound is incredible to hear in person.

Storm Arcade78 says:

Koenigsegg will defeat these two cars

Nikolai Orr says:

Love the F1 sound also as much as I love Bugatti I'm as happy as Richard on this one

ArnoldsK says:

So who got the 30$ for the Veyron?

Idontlikethatshit says:

Zonda was screaming

philbegas says:

Manual transmission and rwd faster than an awd automatic lmao

Steve Wismark says:

To me it looked like the Valron slowed up for the last 2 corners. Missed the apec by a mile coming off the straight and wasno better at Gambon either, where as the Zonda looked to in full flight around both corners . I love both cars so for me it doesn't matter which one is faster. Just an observation by me.

DeathEgg666 says:

I’d never heard James introduce The Stig before lol

Shivank Agrawal says:

The day Bugatti starts cutting weight, Bugattis will be a serious threat to Koenigseggs. But will it ever come.

Kjca says:

I love James hosting 😂💙

Lightsaber Lord P373 says:

2:25 Hammond sounded funny when he said "Chaps, The uh the Zonda F"

ilmelangolo says:

I'm missing the TopGear track;
the Eboladrome is pathetic…

Scott Sacco says:

It all depends on the driver, how he feels that day, how crazy he wants to drive.
I would love to be chosen to drive these cars, although I would say hell with that track, I'm going cruising for chicks and kick some ass on the streets.
This is why I never get to drive super cars.

GIOGIO says:

0:47 how did the make a dent near the front right fender air intake

Mansour Nino says:

At 1.27 there Was a air think happening over the rear spoiler

Dr. Johnny says:

Bugatti=New VW Beetle

Joel jättebra vidio Evergren says:

Ha don,t lika zonda

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