c6 z06 vs ford gt

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chevy doin the damn thang yadadaimean


RockandRoll says:

I'll take the Ford GT ANYDAY! It will go up in value while that ugly Corvette goes down down down…LOVE YOU FORD!

kell m says:

This video SUCKS BIG TIME!!…FAIL!!!!

U.S.A POWER says:

That z06 is not stock. If both cars were stock the ford gt would crush the z06. The ford gt is Americas fastest super car.

Mason Hill says:

So a modded zo6 beats a sock ford GT did anyone expect anything different lol stock for stock ford all the way babyyyy

evil03cobra says:

The most beautiful thing about is……motherfuckers love to talk about "displacement" but, the LS7 is a 2V, single cam. V8. VS a 4 valve, 4 cam, supercharged engine. Granted as they keep running it will only slow the GT down more due to heat soak and I doubt the stock cooling was all that great.

Illyrian4life says:

a couple of power houses going at it. nine inch nails also.

J S D says:

as i am commenting as well, this video is exactly 10 years old today

Antz says:

Horrible video lol


There is a bolt on coyote on you tube that did better than this Gt against a C6 ZO6 lol !

Reggie Coursey says:

To all you Corvette guys out there watch every other video on youtube where the vets getting the Piss stomped out of it. These two cars are not in the same class.

Z06machinesilver says:

Cmon Chris, You have no idea….Lap times ?? the GT is so friggin heavy it almost rolls over….And the z06 whoops its ass……Sorry ford guy…

David Mojica says:

That's true , but we're talking about who's faster .

brian centi says:

love this video

eric guadiana says:

If it was a race track the Chevrolet would of annihilated the Ford GT …..

J p says:

Why are is there smack talk between these two beautiful American muscle cars?.
And why are they even being compared?.They are both on a different league.Z06 is fast as hell and FORD GT do I need to say anything?.
Glad the Z06 kept up and beat a gorgeous car like that FORD GT . So what if it beats a GT ..Z06 guy going home in a vette..FORD GT DUDE GOING HOME IN A FORD GT! 
They both can take on pretty much any super car that is 2x-3x their price EASY!
Nothing like good ol' american muscle.

Jeff Dorn says:

To all you simpletons that can't get past Chev/Ford rivalry, realize that they didn't race. This was a moderately busy freeway: not a race track where both cars could show what they have. It all came down to which driver decided to err on the side of caution. If you have half a brain, you would see that the Ford driver won. He made the wise choice and chose not to endanger lives by racing on a populated freeway.

jonathan says:

ford gt is nice, but they should have used a different type of engine, the 5.4 supercharged is just too much of a widely used engine if im going to pay almost 200,000 for a car i would like a more exotic type of engine, rather than one that was used in the mustang and the lightning.

Trenton Dosser says:

Well it would be nice and all of they were both stock.. The Z06 has an intake and tune. That tune prob squeezed another 50hp out so what do you expect from a lighter car that makes 488rwhp which is equivalent to around 550-560 hp. Just saying

David Mojica says:

And better looking .. Lol.. Says who ? All the ford people lol..

David Mojica says:

Tipical ford guys ..now that the ford gt lost their bringing out other shit like "the ford gt is going to clim In price " lol funny ..

Juan Ferrel says:

Damm I never see any corvette run faster then a Ford gt. The way it ran and sounded looks like the government idle was taking off then again people mode thier cars.

thero brown says:

Chevy fan girl BS!

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